Sergey Zhukov, director of the Space Technologies and Communications Cluster, will take part in the Fifth International Conference Earth from Space: The Most Effective Solutions, to be held on 29 November–1 December 2011 at the Vatutinki Complex near Moscow. Mr. Zhukov will deliver a speech on the first day of the conference, 29 November, during a meeting on the integration of science, business and education.

The director of the Skolkovo Foundation's Space Technologies and Communications Cluster will speak about ongoing work, problems and perspectives in the development of Russian space technologies. Sergey Zhukov will also present projects supported by the Cluster.

The Space Technologies and Communications Cluster launched in May 2011. It is tasked with science and technology forecasting (Foresight), selecting priority areas, shaping a community of experts, and developing startup companies and applied research centres.

Speaking about today’s top-priority areas, Sergey Zhukov noted, “We need to develop innovation infrastructure: not only supporting businesses, not only developing technologies and services for launching devices, but helping those who facilitate the transfer of such technologies. I mean the financial component, as well as human resources and consulting. We must also develop legislation. We are all very familiar with the experience of the Americans, who have no less than 12 laws, and the experience of the Europeans. Russia also needs specialised laws connected with the transfer of technology, including space technology, and involving the establishment of a public-private partnership in this area, as well as laws that would regulate the rules of the game for businessmen, including rules for investing private money in the space industry – a pretty closed area.”

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