Space industries are embedded deeply in Russia’s national and spiritual identity. Our country has enjoyed a leading role in space exploration for more than half a century. Today, Russian cosmonautics remains an area of national competitive advantage, anchoring our place among economically developed countries in several respects.

Developing the space sector has a myriad of knock-on benefits for society, accelerating the modernization of the economy and providing effective science and technology in boosting living standards while helping to ensure national security,

The Space Technology and Telecommunications Cluster attracts and selects potential subjects (companies) of the innovation process in creating ad using space-related materials and diversifying the rocket and space industry. The cluster supports cooperation between the companies and creates the conditions to form a complete cycle of the innovation process.

How these goals are accomplished:

  • Supporting cluster participants through the most critical stages of their lifecycle
  • Helping to commercialize the R&D of participants by utilizing Skolkovo’s resources such as access to the investment communities, world-class mentors, participation in international conferences and road shows
  • Promoting the Skolkovo brand and high-tech entrepreneurship amongst the Russian and international public
  • Concentrating cluster resources and competencies through partnerships with the federal agencies of the Russian Federation, major international corporations, leading universities and other innovation centers