Priority fields

  • Development of new nano-devices for storing and processing information, new energy efficient equipment and devices.
  • Development of new ways to receive, store, process and transmit data, including via wireless networks.
  • New solutions in photonics, nano-photonics and metamaterials that make it possible to create brand new integrated systems, including optical systems.
  • New technologies and materials for the manufacture of nano-sized optical and electronic components; solutions for storage and exchange of information as well as hybrid optical components for traditional computers, including silicon photonics.
  • 3D technologies for the creation and integration of basic integrated optical components for cutting edge computing platforms.
  • Technologies for managing communications systems with arbitrary routing based on dynamic networks of different types of rebroadcasting transmitters.
  • Wearable electronics solutions, including sensor networks for the body and biochips.
  • New micro components, MEMS, sensors, actuators, micro-navigation and micro-positioning systems.