Submit an application

An application to participate in the contest must be emailed to

In the subject, write Moore than Moore Contest_<Name of the Project>_<Name of the Nominations>.


Stage 1 application should be accompanied by the following documents:

  1. Application to participate in the selection in  MS Office Word format [download the template].
  2. Project summary in  MS Office Word format [download the template].
  3. Project questionnaire in  MS Office Word or PDF format [download the template].
  4. Project questionnaire for the nominations of the Pioneering Research Fund in  MS Office Word or PDF format [download the template]. – the PRF template will be available in the afternoon  
  5. Brief information on key team members in free form.
  6. Other materials about the project.


The following information will need to be provided by the finalists:

Presentation of the project prepared in accordance with the methodological guidelines on how to prepare a pitch presentation  [download the template]




  1. The application for participation must be sent in as a scanned copy signed by the applicant (for applicants that are legal entities, the application must be signed by the person performing the functions of the sole executive body and must be stamped with the official company seal).
  2. A questionnaire of the project as per Appendix 3 for Skolkovo residents must be updated.
  3. Before submitting an application, read the Regulation on the Contest.
  4. Please note that the total size of all the documents submitted with the application must not exceed 100 Mb