Key Activities

3.1 Navigation and geo-information products and services

3.1.1. User equipment of GLONASS and other Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) including integrated circuits for GNSS signal reception and processing

3.1.2. M2M technology for transport;  software and hardware telematics devices including equipment for ERA-GLONASS and other emergency call telematics systems

3.1.3. Hardware and software for location based services

3.1.4. Navigation and geographic information systems, including systems that use Earth remote sensing data 

3.2 Space technologies

3.2.1. Small satellite technologies and solutions including new low-cost launch vehicles

3.2.2. Space-qualified electronic components, sensors and other spacecraft payloads

3.2.3. Power systems and components for spacecraft, launch vehicles and ground infrastructure, including space propulsion systems

3.2.4. Space and planetary robotics and Earth-related applications of robotics

3.2.5. Information processing, storage, transmission and protection for spacecraft and ground space infrastructure

3.2.6. Space vehicle control systems

3.3. Aviation technologies, including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)

3.3.1. Software and automation in aviation industry

3.3.2. Test facilities and equipment for aviation industry

3.3.3. UAV

3.3.4. UAV-based applications and services

3.3.5. General aviation and aerostatic vehicles

3.3.6. Flight vehicles’ on-board equipment, including equipment for UAV

3.3.7. Air traffic control and safety

3.3.8. Flight vehicle propulsion systems and components