Electric power generation and transport technologies:

  • Electric power transmission, including smart grid technologies
  • Fuel power generation
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Hydrogen energy
  • Energy accumulation
  • Environment-friendly transport
  • Smart transport systems
  • Transport engineering
  • Power Electronics

Oil and Gas technologies:

  • Exploration and Production of Hydrocarbons
  • Hydrocarbons transportation and storage
  • Hydrocarbons processing
  • Innovative products and technologies in chemical industry

Energy efficient technologies for manufacturing industry:

  • Industrial machinery and equipment (engines, drives, pumps, compressors, heat exchangers etc) with enhanced energy efficiency, service life and other operational properties
  • Digital technologies for industrial control and monitoring
  • Materials and coatings with new functional properties;
  • Technologies for metallurgy, metal processing, mechanical engineering;
  • Solid minerals extraction and processing technologies
  • Industrial waste recycling

Urban technologies:

  • Effective lighting and lighting control
  • Heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Construction materials and technologies
  • Household waste management
  • Water conditioning, water supply and water disposal
  • Smart systems for urban services (including energy resources) management
  • Smart engineering systems, smart systems for control over construction and operation
  • Metering systems for resource consumption
  • Fire safety and fire extinguishing systems
  • Improving efficiency and reliability of heat supply systems