Startup of its operation will again put Russia among the world aircraft industry leaders.


For this project, Russian leading aeronautical company – “Augur” Aeronautical Centre" established the subsidiary – EDB “Atlant”, had gained the status of the “Skolkovo” Foundation participant.  The project of the new type aerostatic transport aircraft – ATLANT – been presented to the Foundation specialized experts. The hybrid aircraft combines the best features of the airship, aircraft, helicopter and hovercraft. ATLANT will have the unique payload capacity – up to 250 tons, flight range of
up to 5 thousand kilometers and the ability of vertical takeoff and landing on any surface, including water. ATLANT project has been awarded by the highest positive score of expert council. At the initial stage, the government, represented by the "Skolkovo" Foundation covers 75% of the total cost of the project. In the final stage - testing and commissioning of the aircraft in operation, government involvement will decrease
to 25%. The remaining funds will be contributed by private investors.

ATLANT concept is based on “Augur” Aeronautical Centre” 20 years’ experience of airship and aerostat design, build, certification and practical operation.

ATLANT unique flight properties allows to create innovative transportation and logistics system that will make the cost-effective development of small and medium-sized mineral deposits, providing uninterrupted year-round supply of remote areas, and finally will give a powerful impetus to the economic development of Russian  Far North, Siberia and Far East.


Elena Masko,
Deputy commercial director of “Augur” Aeronautical Centre”
Phone: +7 (916) 676-57-21