Group of the best students of Japanese universities, including Tokyo National University, University of Kyoto, Hiroshima, Tsukuba, and a number of other prestigious universities in Japan have visited Skolkovo Technopark today.

In Technopark, students saw 3D presentation of Innograd, heard the story about Skolkovo Tech University, visited the offices of several residents, and made friends with students of Skolkovo Open University, who warmly welcomed them.

According to the head of the delegation, representative of Japan-Russian Youth Exchange Center Sugahara Sachiko, the group of students was invited to Russia by Rosmolodezh.

“These young men and women are leaders of student organizations of their universities", - said Ms. Sachiko in perfect Russian.

To visit Russia under this program, young people had to go through an open competition, including social activities in the university as one of the main selection criterion.


Student exchange program between Japan and Russia, as explained by Sugahara Sachiko, has a fairly high status, it is an intergovernmental program governed in Japan by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country.

This year, the program of visits to Russia by the best students of the land of the rising sun involved universities and research organizations, as well as institutions of legislative power of Russia. “We have already been to different organizations and got an insight into ​​the Russian society”, - said Sugahara Sachiko.


Ehara Shunji, student of the School of Public Administration of Waseda University, said that this was his second trip to Russia. “The first time, I was in Khabarovsk, two years ago during spring vacations, I stayed with my father, who works as a translator. It was very interesting, especially when we were ice-fishing", - Ehara says.


The student admitted that he had never heard of Skolkovo before coming to Russia, but when they were preparing for the visit to Russia, he read the Japanese press and understood that there would be a “Russian Silicon Valley”. Ehara Shunji was quite impressed with what he saw and with Innograd presentation shown to the guests by Vizerra resident. “This is the best place to master the technology, the buildings here are so stylish", - concluded the student. Representative of the School of Public Administration of Waseda University also noted that Russia and Japan certainly have a lot of mutual political problems, but also have much in common, many unifying features and many mutual interests.

“In particular, Russia has vast experience in space exploration, and Japan is now actively engaged in the development of its space program, and I think that we have great prospects of cooperation in this area”.


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