A resident of Biomedical Cluster of Fund Skolkovo - "ABC Technologies" develops and implements trauma and orthopedic 3D implants (catches). Three-dimensional solid implants, invented by the resident, reduce patient recovery time after installing the implant into the damaged bone and cartilage.

Made from high quality alloy, they fix damage in multiple planes, allowing the so-called angular stability of the bone. This technology ensures complete fixation of the fracture and provides uniform stress load on the articular parts of the damaged limb. Clinical trials of new implants have shown that they can reduce the period of disability of patients in 3-5 times (2-6 weeks instead of 3-9 months) and reduce the risk of disability by 90% compared to the traditionally used braces. The product line of "ABC technology" includes products that are symmetrical to the left and right parts of the skeleton, different sizes.

According to statistics, about 30 percent of the implants with comminuted fractures pass with complications. 3D implants reduce the risk of several adverse factors, concomitant use of conventional types of outdated fixtures. Among them: broken latch plate, a fracture nonunion at the site of fixation, unstable fixation, fusion of bones in the fracture site and many others.

As Director of Development said, Dmitry Rubekin, 3D shape and design of implants, which is currently under research and development, have no analogues in the world. This allows the "ABC Technologies' claim to be a substantial market not only domestically but also abroad, displacing older, less efficient models clips.

This segment of the medical services is estimated worldwide at about seven billion dollars and in Russia is about 143 million dollars.

The company has its own clinical base in the Istra District Hospital. One of the implants, "ABC Technologies' comminuted fractures of the elbow lock" Crab-3D », (industrial production deals with partner company), has already been introduced into medical practice.

The company employs highly skilled and experienced team. General –Director  and the technology author is the Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor of Traumatology, Orthopedics and Military Field Surgery in Moscow State Medical and Dental University, Alex Babovnikov.

Babovnikov has published over 100 scientific papers, received 10 patents of Russia, it is the author of a monograph and 5 teaching aids. In addition, he is the winner of the competition of young scientists and PhD candidate at the Presidential Grant.

The company "ABC technology" is a resident of the Fund since March 2012, starting from April works at the Technopark "Skolkovo". According to Dmitry Rubekin, "ABC technology" is considered for a grant of the Fund. In addition, as Director of Development said in Technopark "ABC Technologies' uses laboratory of microanalysis (Center for Collective Use" Microanalysis ") and receive free legal advice on intellectual property protection and patenting.

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