May 24, 2012, Skolkovo, Russia. VIZERRA acquired the status of the “Skolkovo” project participant.

VIZERRA - developer of the software platform for creating interactive 3D-models. Proprietary technologies allow companies to develop cross platform applications that render in real-time complex multidimensional data, and provide user interaction with them. The uniqueness of the platform is that it adapts the latest technology for real-time rendering of effective solutions to business problems. Technology is used as a tool for visual communication for urban planning and design of complex systems, organizing events, monitoring processes and presentations.

By this date, the VIZERRA Company and the Fund "Skolkovo" are already partners. On the basis of established VIZERRA interactive 3D-models of the future innovation city made architectural designing features, all the shortcomings identified design is carried out to demonstrate the future to public and representatives of various levels of government. The same model allows for many architectural firms to integrate its solutions into one project in the future to work together on it.

Under federal law, an innovation center "Skolkovo" will grant VIZERRA tax and customs exemptions, special conditions to attract for employment of foreign nationals in order to implement the project. Moreover, the innovation center "Skolkovo" provides all residents with services on registration of intellectual property rights, customs brokerage services, office rental and access to scientific and research equipment.

"Our company already has a commercial success in Russia and other countries, and we decided to identify the root technology developed by us to develop it, being a "Skolkovo" resident. This technology in turn can be used to create new products. Our priority - scaling VIZERRA technology to other platforms and production of successful products that add success stories to Skolkovo Technopark  list"- says Arman Gukasyan, CEO and author of the VIZERRA. Nikina Anna, Technopark Skolkovo International programs, commented: "It's great that such an interesting and promising company that already known as a partner of "Skolkovo "is now listed in the ranks, and the project participant is located here in Technopark "Skolkovo".

VIZERRA - an author's technology of interactive 3D-models, which allows you to quickly and easily create virtual copies of the projected and actual objects of any complexity by transforming large volumes of static data in interactive 3D, while maintaining photorealistic and small file size.


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