Promobot, a company that makes autonomous service robots, is back at it again.

This time, the company is rolling out the actual Terminator at CES 2020, with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s face and an extra creepy factor.

Meet the Robo-C robot series, humanoid robots covered in artificial skin that, just like a T800, can do a pretty decent job of mimicking human facial expressions. 


promobot terminator robot t800 ces 2020 (1)

However, unlike T800s, they won’t be doing any time travel trying to wipe out the human race…or so we hope!

According to Promobot, the Robo-C can work as an administrator, consultant, home assistant or guide, offering autonomous conversation and integration with third-party devices.
To make eyes turn on what’s already lining up to be a crowded CES 2020 showroom floor, the company dressed one their first Robo-C like the T800 Terminator.

Promobot says that it has already created more than 5 Robo-C robots with customized appearance so stay tuned – maybe there’s more to come at CES!