Three Skolkovo resident companies made it to the final of the seventh annual competition "Industria," with S-Innovations taking first place. The two runners-up from Skolkovo were the companies Biomicrogel (BMG) and Stereotech.

S-Innovations is a private high-tech company and is a leader in high-temperature superconductors (HTS). It produces 2G HTS wires for fault current limiters, cables, motors, generators, energy storage, high field magnets, etc. The company accounts for 18% of the global market and exports its product to 22 countries.

S-Innovations CEO receiving Industria award from Russian PM Mikhail Mishustin. Screenshot:

"Many thanks, I'm delighted that you have chosen our company, project, and product as the winner. It is the superconductor of the future," said Alexander Molodyk, the CEO of S-Innovations, upon receiving the award from Russian PM Mikhail Mishustin.

A total of 171 competitors took part in the competition. The winning solution, along with the runners-up, was evaluated by experts and covered numerous industrial fields. Sterotech provides innovative 5D printers for additive technologies, and Biomicrogel (BMG) provides water treatment and oil spill response solutions.

Russia’s prime minister, Mikhail Mishustin, stated:

“It is a good opportunity to present new developments and ideas and to create mutually beneficial collaboration for the future. I am sure that optimal solutions will be uncovered here during the discussions taking place here in the coming days, and I would like to sincerely wish you all productive work.”