The Skolkovo Softlanding Program is one of the simplest ways for foreign startups to achieve market entry into Russia and actively seeks out hi-tech startups working on technologies across sectors applicable to the Russian market and the Skolkovo startup ecosystem. This latest softlanding program has drawn twenty-eight companies from thirteen countries across the world.

Chairman of the Skolkovo Foundation Arkady Dvorkovich. Screengrab:

The latest softlanding has drawn twenty-eight startups from India, Italy, Taiwan, Serbia, Kyrgyzstan, South Africa, Spain, Singapore, Switzerland, South Korea, Germany, Estonia, and Austria. Their solutions covered four key areas: biomedicine, energy efficiency, IT, and industrial technologies. The program takes place from 31 May to 4 June. It offers its participants the opportunity to learn about the Skolkovo ecosystem, the Russian market, culture, grant support, IP protection, migration legislation, etc. During the final two days, the companies will pitch their solutions individually to a panel of experts and Skolkovo Ventures.

Arkady Dvorkovich, the chairman of the Skolkovo Foundation, opened the program by welcoming the participants:

"I am happy to welcome you all to the ninth edition of the Skolkovo Softlanding Program. I think that this softlanding program will help all of you achieve your goals in the market. Our data from 2020 shows that the income of our Skolkovo companies went up by more than sixty percent last year in different areas such as healthcare, educational technologies, security, and agritech. So, it's not just about IT and online activities; it's across the board. I believe that we can help you understand our market conditions, get expert opinions on your projects, and connect with potential partners and clients. We believe that it's the right time for all of you and us to start working hard and be prepared for the period when demand will begin growing on a sustainable basis."

The chairman also expressed his hope that the companies would benefit from getting to know one another and Skolkovo in finding opportunities. 

Medzona (Austria). Screengrab:

Following this, each company introduced themselves, offering brief overviews of their technological solutions, covering various areas such as food production, Edtech, autonomous drone technology, computer vision, construction, organic waste treatment, big data, and many more. The participants were then given some general insights into Skolkovo and its offers, the Russian market, post-pandemic trends, why Moscow is an excellent place to do business, culture, people, and communication.

Vera Bunina, director of Russian House Brussels-Europe. Screengrab:

Vera Bunina, the director of Russian House Brussels-Europe, covered some key topics such as power distance in the business world in Russia (the relationship between higher ranking and lower-ranking individuals in the workplace), and some common misconceptions such as the notion that the popular mindset in Russia is still collectivist in nature. Speaking from her office at the Moscow Agency of Innovations, international project coordinator Diana Ishkaeva also gave the participants insights into Moscow regarding its ease of doing business and its openness to foreigners.

Deputy vice president of international development Maxim Romanov. Screengrab:

Maxim Romanov, the deputy vice president of international development at the Skolkovo Foundation, stated that "there is a lot of space for cooperation and possible synergy with Skolkovo and our companies. I hope that by the end of the program, you will understand more about what Skolkovo is, how it can be useful for you and your business, and what opportunities you can find here."

Daria Shunina, head of international startups relations. Screengrab:

The organizer of the Skolkovo Softlanding Program, Daria Shunina, stated that "the main goal of the program is to help foreign companies expand to the Russian market and learn more about doing business in Russia. We hope that you will spend this time productively and wisely. We are here to help you!"

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