Skolkovo resident companies that use technology incorporating Russia’s GLONASS global position system will get their own tech park within the Skolkovo Innovation Center, it emerged Wednesday.

Gurko, left and Belyakov shake hands at Navitech. Photo:

GLONASS was developed by the Russian government as an answer to the GPS system that most mobile devices use today.

But an agreement to devote Skolkovo office and lab space to companies developing navigation technology using GLONASS, signed Wednesday, may be a step in redressing the balance.  

“We are grateful to the Skolkovo Foundation for its support in developing the GLONASS Russian navigation system and hope that the Innovation Center will help us promote the developers of navigation technology in domestic and foreign markets,” said GLONASS president Alexander Gurko at the signing ceremony in Moscow.

Alexei Belyakov, Skolkovo vice president and executive director of the foundation’s space and telecoms cluster, was the other signatory.

“We really hope that as a result of our collaborations, powerful and robust businesses and services in the field of navigation will be created,” Belyakov said.

The GLONASS R&D center at Skolkovo is to begin operating this year and take up 15,000 square meters of facilities, the agreement said. 

It was inked on the sidelines of the Navitech industry conference in Moscow, which runs through Friday.