ROBBO, a resident of Skolkovo Foundation's IT Cluster, finalized the process of registration of ROBBO Japan. As early as next spring Tokyo and Fukuoka can see the emergence of ROBBO Classes. These are engineering classes that teach children robotics, programming, circuit engineering, 3D prototyping, and 3D printing

The Japanese branch is wholly owned by a Russian developer of educational robotics. The Japanese government proposed that the Russian roboteers open a branch in their country after they won a high tech competition, entitled "Fukuoka Startup Day," earlier in May. The Japanese authorities also contributed to the implementation of ROBBO solutions into the educational system – engineering classes were successfully tested in the schools of Japan.

ROBBO is among the leading domestic developers of children's robotics construction sets. Photo courtesy:

The advanced technology show CEATEC 2019, held in October in Japan, entailed the execution of preliminary agreements with local companies for the delivery of ROBBO's products worth more than EUR 500,000 in 2020. This refers to both the sales of an integrated solution for the launch of innovative engineering classes at schools known as ROBBO Class and the purchase of franchise for CAS robotics activities known as ROBBO Club.

ROBBOs's entry to the Japanese market and major contracts are a product of massive intellectual and organizational contribution of the company to its products, noted Pavel Krivozubov, Head of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence at the IT Cluster of Skolkovo Foundation. He is certain that due to the achievements of ROBBO 2019 "will come to be seen as the year of remarkable success of the Russian educational robotics."

ROBBO's business development in Japan will be handled by Yasuo Ninomiya. He learnt Russian at the Leningrad State University, worked in Russia for four years as the head of Moscow office and then St. Petersburg office of Toyota Tsusho, a business unit of Toyotа Group. "Teaching programming and robotics is of paramount importance for children and their successful future. I'm really impressed with the methodology of ROBBO," Yasuo Ninomiya confessed. "I felt I had to make sure that Japanese children are given a chance to study engineering so deeply and in such an exciting form. This kind of educational programs are scarce in Japan. My mission is to spread ROBBO solutions in Japan. We plan to open the first ROBBO Classes in Tokyo and Fukuoka by April 2020."