By the beginning of the official opening of the VII Open Innovations Forum, over 11 thousand people from more than 90 countries had registered to take part. This sets a new record for this major event, which traditionally kicks off the new innovations year in Russia.

Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov welcomed the forum participants and congratulated everyone on attending this special event. He went on to say that this has now become a tradition in recent years: the new year of innovations begins in October in Skolkovo with an event jointly organized by the country’s main development institutions and the Russian government.

Seventh forum «Open Innovations» started in Skolkovo. Photo:

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, within the framework of the three-day forum, participants will need to find answers to a number of complex questions that the development of innovations poses to society.
“No one has an ‘off pat’ answer to these questions - neither global businesses or  major corporations, even the most economically strong and most influential countries, down to the less powerful and economically poor nations. 
How to combine growing data streams, customization whilst maintaining privacy; The marriage of comprehensive control and security in everyday human life; How to combine robotic technology with the flow of new competencies and professions that will be required for the new labour market model. All these questions are difficult, but I know that with our unbridled energy, courage and enthusiasm I really believe that year on year our potential to find a better solution to these issues here, in Skolkovo, is increasing” said Maxim Akimov.

Over 1100 participants from more than 90 countries have registered for the «Open Innovations» forum. Photo :

Viktor Vekselberg, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Skolkovo Fund, called the Open Innovations forum an interesting, creative and substantial event, noting, in particular, the unprecedented large number of participants from abroad. “This proves that our desire to be open and available all the time, to support various levels of cooperation with our partners around the world, bears fruit. Many people trust and work with us, and this is very important, ”said Viktor Vekselberg. “We have made this platform a technological innovation hub for interaction and work within the global economy.”
The first day of the forum is dedicated to the annual Telemed forum’ It is dedicated to the main international trends of digitalization within the healthcare sector. With the support of RVC, discussions will be held on the formation of a request for innovation, the development of human capital and technological creativity. In the frames of Medforum there will be even more interesting events: presentation  of the Moscow Innovation Cluster, final of the Federal Competition for Innovation in Education and the prestigious ceremony, the presentation of the international Green mobility award 2019.

Participants of the forum opening ceremony: V.V The Chairman of the Board of Directors. P.L General Director ‘ ‘Rossetti’ M.A. Vice President A.D. Chairman of the Foundation. M. K. Minister of science and high education. Photo:

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Skolkovo recalled that the theme of the current Open Innovations is Digital Nation. Transfer to the intellectual economy. ” The central event of the forum will be a panel discussion, which will take place on the second day and in which the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev will take part.

Pic: During the «Open Innovations» forum Participant ‘Skolkovo’ Presented the first hydrogen fuel cell car in Russia. Photo:

The Minister of science and higher education Mikhail Kotyukov in his speech noted the special atmosphere inherent in "Open innovations". In the morning, whilst passing through the Technopark "SKOLKOVO", the Minister saw "the burning eyes of young people who completely understand what they want do in their life". Mikhail Kotyukov expressed that in his opinion, over the last three days the shine in their eyes has definitely intensified". Technology is changing and we all need to learn how to change," says the Minister of science and higher education. "The Digital era has arrived , whether we like it or not, and thus digitalization requires changes."

In Skolkovo Techno-Park. The 7th annual forum «Open Innovations» has commenced. Photo.

Arkady Dvorkovich, Chairman of the SKOLKOVO Foundation, also spoke about a digit in his speech, but he turned directly to the digit "9", which next year will become the number "10", referring to the age of the innovation center. Since the phrase "new year" has already sounded in the hall, A. Dvorkovich proposed another analogy – with the new academic year; accordingly, SKOLKOVO has graduated from the schools ‘Year nine’ and the next academic year will be year ten.
"While we have good grades, we really want to finish the decade with "excellent grades". However, we can only do this if we work together, if we focus on business and turn the most unusual, fantastic ideas into concrete projects, new technologies and new approaches to how we arrange our lives. This is done by thousands of companies that work in SKOLKOVO and together with SKOLKOVO. This is done by thousands of businessmen, hundreds of scientists and students of Skoltech. Only the combination and collaboration of all these efforts will combine to give the result we want and need to achieve, " said the Chairman of the Fund, who declared the forum open.
At the beginning of the opening ceremony, an agreement was signed between The SKOLKOVO Foundation and Rosseti.