The world map of the Enhel group of companies charging infrastructure, consisting of 60 thousand stations, has just been increased with a new bright connection point. On October 9that the Skolkovo Innovation Center, with the latest fast charging system, using the Enel X family ‘juice pump’ was opened for use.

 This is the first such station not only in Skolkovo, but also throughout central Russia. According to Oleg Dubnov, Head of the Energy Efficiency Technologies Cluster of the Foundation, the development of the fast charging infrastructure in Skolkovo is one of the key elements in the implementation of the transport concept of the innovation center, which notes that vehicles with ICE (internal combustion engines) will not be allowed to enter here in a few years. 


JuicePump Enel X is a DC and AC station equipped with the ability to integrate with intelligent networks, adaptive power, mobile communications, which makes it possible to remotely control and maintain it. Two electric cars can be charged from the station at the same time. The charge received in 30-40 minutes is enough for 150-200 km of travel, (depending on vehicle). The devices are compatible with all electric vehicles on the market and fully comply with international standards.

In recent months, several Enel X fast charging stations  appeared in the Far East and in Chelyabinsk, and employees of the Skolkovo Foundation played an active role in establishing contacts between the manufacturer and regional authorities. Carlo Palashano Villamagna, head of Enel in Russia, admitted: “We have long wanted to launch a charging station in Skolkovo, and we now finally have a result.” According to him, the opening of the Skolkovo station will be followed by the appearance of other infrastructure facilities for charging electric vehicles in the Moscow metropolitan area.

The Enel X station in Skolkovo is the first in the central region of the Russian Federation. Photo:


Еnel predicts  that within a few years the cost of owning an electric vehicle verses an ICE vehicle will be comparable. This view was expressed in a speech by Sergey Kiselyov, CEO of Enel X Rus. Enel X is Enel's global business line that develops innovative products and digital solutions in sectors where the power industry demonstrates the greatest potential for transformation: in cities, homes, businesses and the electric transport sector. 

In the Russian division of Enel X - Enel X Rus: One of the promising areas of development is called    e-Mobility, the promotion of solutions for electric vehicles. “Intelligent solutions for charging electric vehicles, from single charging points, to charging networks with automatic load balancing in the network and turnkey projects for the development of corporate electric vehicle fleets, to meet the urgent needs of today and providing a  stable basis for development,” Enel X RUS assures. 

‘Enel X’ is a resident of the Skolkovo Fund. “We appreciate the support of the Fund not only has it provided us with a platform for work, but also during this year, with their valued assistance we entered into several partnership agreements, including with many regions of the Russian Federation, for the development of charging infrastructure, - stated Sergey Kiselev. “We look forward to continuing cooperation with the cluster of energy-efficient technologies.” The station in Skolkovo, promised Mr. Kiselev, will be available for the use of not only the owners of electric vehicles, but also partners of Enel, who "conduct experimental work aimed at debugging the controllers of electric vehicles."

Carlo Palashano Villamanya, Oleg Dubnov and Sergey Kiselev. Photo:


The head of the energy-efficient cluster, and vice-president of the Fund Oleg Dubnov, noted: despite the fact that this Enel charging station is one of 28 already  in the city of innovation, its opening cannot be classified as ordinary. “This is a very important event for the Fund. Firstly, this is the first fast charging station in the innovation center, and secondly, now all parking lots in Skolkovo are equipped with the infrastructure for charging electric vehicles, Mr. Dubnov said. – “I would like to thank the company for its activities aimed at the development of charging infrastructure in the Russian Federation. I must also mention the constructive position of Rosseti. ‘Enel X Rus’ is developing dynamically in the Skolkovo ecosystem, and the Fund seeks to promote this in every possible way. "

“We see a rising demand and increasing interest in the development of electric charging infrastructure from our partners and Russian regions. Together with Enel X Rus, this year we entered into an agreement with the Chelyabinsk region and have already managed to place several fast charging stations there. The future lies in clean energy, and we intend to help our partner  in the Russian market,”said Ksenia Poveschenko, director of key projects of the Skolkovo Foundation's energy-efficient technology cluster, to