F5 Company, a global leader in multi-cloud services, announced acquisition of NGINX Web Server. The deal was worth around $670 million US, the press release of F5 says. 

NGINX Company is a resident of the IT Cluster of the Skolkovo Foundation.

Illustration of the NGINX Company’s website.


The money will be spent to purchase all the issued and circulating NGINX shares, on condition of some corrective actions, the message says.

F5 considers this transaction to be a strategic acquisition, Vedomosti report.

Companies will provide support for multi-cloud applications, guaranteeing ease of use, security and availability of ready corporate network solutions. “The united company will provide each client, from application developers to network engineers and security specialists, all the tools necessary to ensure availability and security of applications on any platform, from the corporate data center to private and public clouds,” said François Locoh-Donou, F5's President and CEO.

After the deal is complete, F5 plans to retain the NGINX brand. Gus Robertson, the General Director of the startup, and the founders of NGINX, Igor Sysoev and Maksim Konovalov, will join F5 and continue leading NGINX, the press release says.

The total amount of investments attracted by NGINX will be $104 million US (according to Crunchbase), Vedomosti says. One of the first investors of the company was Runa Capital Venture Fund, which continued investing into the company in several rounds of investments. The Fund will not share the information on ROI, but “the yield was significant” as the result of the sale, Konstantin Vinogradov, Senior Investment Manager of Runa Capital told Sk.ru.

In accordance with the February report of Netcraft, NGINX is being used on 374 million websites (25.34% of the total number). Among 10,000 largest websites the share of NGINX amounts to 66.7%, OpenNews says.