Skolkovo aerospace startups were out in force at the MAKS international aviation and space salon, which opened its doors in the aviation hub town of Zhukovsky in the Moscow region on Tuesday.

President Vladimir Putin speaking at the opening of the MAKS air show on Tuesday. Photo:

Twenty-five Skolkovo startups were demonstrating their products and services at the Skolkovo stand at MAKS, shared with the Moscow government under the brand Made in Moscow. The products on display include satellites, space software and components and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Within hours of the six-day air show’s opening, it was announced that U.S. aerospace giant Boeing’s research and training centre located at the Skolkovo innovation city had received official certification from Rosaviation, the federal air transport agency. The two sides also agreed to work together on flight safety, the Aviation Explorer website reported.

Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said at the Boeing centre’s opening one year ago that those working at Skolkovo and studying at the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology would be able to make use of the centre’s research, while Boeing researchers would be able to use all of Skolkovo’s facilities.

Drones, satellites, software and other aerospace technology made by Skolkovo residents is on show at MAKS. Photo:

The Skolkovo startups taking part in this year’s MAKS show include SPUTNIX, which designs and makes parts and systems for small satellites; HandyPower, which makes portable batteries based on hydrogen generators and air-hydrogen fuel cells; Datadvance, a platform for analysing data and optimization that can be used for predictive modeling; Copter Express, which makes autonomous UAVs that can be used to monitor sites and deliver cargo; and Dauria Aerospace, another small satellite maker.

Traditionally, MAKS is a showcase for Russian aerospace players to demonstrate their achievements, as well as reach agreements with foreign partners. This year’s show runs through July 23 at the airfield of the Gromov Flight Research Institute in Zhukovsky. A photo gallery from MAKS 2017 is available here