Skolkovo resident Anisoprint has attracted 17 million rubles ($270,000) in investment from the NK4 engineering centre under an agreement signed at the Open Innovations forum on Thursday.

Fyodor Antonov, head of Anisoprint, pictured at work in his lab. Photo:

Anisoprint, a resident startup of the Skolkovo Foundation’s nuclear cluster, will use the money to complete its product: 3D printers for making composite materials, said Fyodor Antonov, head of Anisoprint, who signed the agreement at the Skolkovo Technopark on Thursday together with NK4 head Fart Valeev.

“Our task is to complete our product, launch it on the market and break even,” Antonov told following the signing.

The Moscow company NK4 is an engineering centre for the development and manufacturing of complex components based on cutting-edge technology for use in industry.

“Our new partner, NK4, has a very sensible approach: they look for the country’s best industrial startups and invest in them,” said Antonov. “To search for those teams, a competition was organised by VentureClub at the initiative of NK4, and we were one of the winners of that competition,” he said.

Anisoprint expects its customers to be small tech companies that need to print sturdy parts, such as robotics companies and drone-makers. The company is also working on a 3D printer for the International Space Station together with  Sputnix, a resident startup of Skolkovo’s space cluster, which makes microsatellite components and technologies