In his 2012 book “Will There Be Donuts?” author David Pearl outlines what's required to make the most of business meetings - right down to the finest, most delicious, detail. Organizers of the Startup Village have taken heed: For on June 2-3, at Eastern Europe’s biggest startup event, there will be donuts.

Krispy Kreme donuts will be on offer at Startup Village. Photo: Flickr

At Startup Village 2014, only a modest culinary ensemble of sandwiches and muffins was on offer to the 10,000 guests, yet this year, the food court at the Skolkovo Innovation Center will boast everything from noodles to pastries and burgers to salads; from kebabs to pies and pasta to smoothies.

“This will be the most interesting foodcourt in three years of the Startup Village,” says Elena Pugacheva, one of the key organizers of Startup Village and catering supervisor at the event.

“We are approaching the quality and variety of food that you get at the major festivals in Moscow. After all, we know you can’t innovate on an empty stomach!”

“The startups need to be fed,” she added, as much as reference to investment as to food.

Elena Pugacheva. Photo:

A full lunch will set the visitor back 400-500 rubles, but, more importantly, set her or him up for a day of successful dealings, says Pugacheva.

Krispy Kreme will be doling out the donuts at several service points around Startup Village. Standard fare such as smoothies and coffee will also be on hand.

But Startup Village will also boast some more unusual offerings: Turkish durum, a variation on the kebab, and small snacks from Dagestan known as chudu (accent on the second syllable), are also on the menu.

In the innovative spirit of the event, instant ice cream will be concocted on the spot with the help of liquid nitrogen.

Organizers will not be drawn on rumors that cider will also be on tap, but guests can find out by registering here