presents new photographs of the Skolkovo Technopark, the facility that will host the 2016 International Association of Science Parks World Conference.


The technopark is the central element of the Skolkovo Innovation Center, the 400-hectare technology hub west of Moscow that is to be home to 30,000 residents by 2020.

“Creating the technopark, together with Skoltech (the university), is a  key landmark in the development of the city,” said city manager and Skolkovo Foundation vice president Vladimir Lukyanov.

The technopark will provide the dry and web labs for all research and development activities of Skolkovo’s resident companies. The few hundred startups currently at Skolkovo are located in the Technopark Office Center along with the foundation management.


The first phase of the technopark is to come online in December, opening up 95,000 square meters of space to residents and partners.

“With the commissioning of this building, Skolkovo will become a fully fledged innovation center – a territory of technological innovation,” Lukyanov said. “Thanks to its architectural characteristics, the technopark, I’m confident, will be one of the calling cards of the center, a magnet for new residents and partners.”

Skolkovo won hosting rights to the International Association of Science Parks 2016 World Conference alongside Moscow State University Science Park, Technopark Strogino and the Innovation Development Center of Moscow.

Unofficially known as the tech park Olympics, the IASP World Conference is one of the leading global forums dedicated to sharing scientific and technological knowledge.

The IASP 2015 World Conference will be held at the Zhongguancun Science Park in Beijing, China.