In April participants of the Skolkovo ecosystem got the possibility to cheer for several companies whose intellectual property got registered at Russian and international patent authorities and sector regulators.

First to be mentioned on this list should probably be the biomedical company “IFAR”. Patent authority of the USA (USPTO) decided to issue this company a patent, thus registering on the American territory its intellectual property on anti-ulcer medicine with quite a complex name “Reversible Inhibitor of H+/K+ ATPase ferment of stomach mucous membrane”. USPTO’s decision will allow this resident of the Skolkovo Foundation Biomedical cluster to considerably advance in international IP registration for the new medicine which has excellent efficiency and safety indices in treatment of ulcer diseases of the stomach. “IFAR” has earlier received a patent in Russia, and now the company has the possibility to fully focus on receiving patents in EU and CIS countries.

And Biomedical again: this time it concerns fight with oncologic diseases. Company “Incuron” got a chance to achieve progress in research on patients with progressing malignant tumors. This resident of Skolkovo Foundation received a permit to conduct clinical research of the CBL0137 medicine in the USA. The permit has been issued by American department on monitoring of product and medicine quality (FDA). Market participants marked that the decision of the Federal Drug Administration is unprecedented as earlier this American regulator never issued such permission to any Russian biomedical company. Experts think that this, naturally, proves the recognized level of prospects of this R&D product. Their cluster colleague “Transgenfarm” has also received a patent in April, this time from the Russian Federal service on intellectual property (“Rospatent”). Intellectual property right for “Neolactoferin” was registered. This innovative medicine practically fully corresponds in its structure to natural human protein, has an anti-microbe, anti-virus and anti-fungi activity. Used together with antibiotics, it increases the effect by several times. The company already has a road map for “Neolactoferin” production in industrial amounts. Artificial protein is recognized as absolutely innocuous, compatible with any food product, and thus can be used as a bio additive (does not contain genetically modified objects), including for infant nutrition. The company has received state certificates for this too.

“Rospatent” has also issued a certificate for IP registration right to “Aviareal” company. Andrey Gorbunov, company’s Director General, has already reported about successful negotiations with JSC “Aeroflot” which plans to use the technology for pilots’ virtual training. The system consists of a computer with an application of added reality, certified aviation positioning system on the basis of GLONASS/GPS, special pilot goggles and software, controlling work of all these components. It is interesting that simultaneously with “Aviareal”, their “member of guild”, company “Asteros Labs” also achieved success, proposing to the market a solution for airports – “Asteros Contact Avia”, an effective platform for integration of client applications, used in the sector. In April another resident of IT cluster, “NIL AP” company – an advanced developer of controllers and other systems – also became a reason for pride and joy due to its solution for robots. “Why2Geo”, famous for its brand “AlterGeo”, entered the April market with a spring application to assist those who are in a hurry to reserve a table in a restaurant. Application received a mysterious romantic name of “Gvidi”. “HMT – New Mobile Technologies” which have developed a platform for creation of mobile applications Ubiq Mobile, received a grant from Microsoft. “Fitting Reality” company (multi-platform service for trying on clothes) received something probably much bigger – its first client, a clothing internet shop. It can be considered that the market has voted on this project and the result was “Yes”.

Some more positive pieces of news in the past month came from Energy Efficient Technologies cluster. First, “Gasokhim Techno” began designing its mini-GTL installation, which helps turning associated gas into synthetic oil. A pilot mini-GTL is being designed, creation of which became presumably possible after signing an agreement with a large investor, “Alltech” group, who invested into the capital of “Gasokhim Techno” in February. Agreement with the investor was being drafted by this Skolkovo resident especially for the mini-GTL project. A resident company entered April’s “positive field” by receiving its first “BBB” index of investment attractiveness from Russian Startup Index (RSI). The “laureate” of the “BBB” rating is the Energy Efficient Technologies cluster resident, corporation “Russian Superconductor” with its project “Kinetic Energy Storage”. RSI index was created by “Russian Venture Company” in 2012. “BBB” rating means “Sufficient investment attractiveness in the cases of high sensitivity to influences from unfavourable external factors”.