50% in Russia, 50% in EMEA-APAC regions


Founding partner of s2m-group as well as NUMA Moscow

О себе:

As a serial entrepreneur who has co-founded and managed several international start-ups (IT or FS companies), I have a proven track record of defining, initiating and driving complex solutions sales and implementing enterprise-wide solutions for new and existing businesses thanks to an analytical skill set and a metrics-driven approach to business. I am also a seasoned fundraiser and market opener who has focused on the financial services market for various software vendors and IT/Advisory companies.

My interest in new venture development has led to many opportunities in advising innovative companies with sales, marketing and management as well as business modeling and complex contract negotiation. As founding partner of S2M-group or Numa Moscow, my goal is to encourage the emergence of new and innovative companies by opening new markets as well as investing in and developing innovative start-ups.

Интересы, компетенции:

Sales and marketing, business development both at local level or international one of software solutions, IT products and services and financial services companies.


Learning by sharing is my motto, moreover as a cofounder of NUMA Moscow my goal is to encourage the emergence of Russian startups.

Интересны стартапы:

I am interesting to support early and growth-stage local tech startups and to guide them to become leaders in the global market.

  • I select projects based on my key competencies: software, IT and product services...
  • I actively guide and support each project, ranging from engineering, operations, strategy, future rounds and liquidity by efficiently utilizing my internal resources as well as the one of my great ecosystem (like NUMA for instance).
  • I can (also) invest based on cofounder terms and prioritize projects with reasonable development and marketing timeframes, budgets and breakeven points.