Россия, Москва


Генеральный директор, Semansys Group (strategy and technology consulting), Astrarossa (industrial design)

О себе:

Investment bank - risk analyst, Lukoil - strategy and development - buying TV stations, National news agency - director, President administration - head of media department, 2006-2015 - serial entrepreneur, started three companies and work as General director in all of them

Member of the board of directors of MiG aircraft corporation, expert with the military industrial commission of the RF, author of the concept of the Sochi 2014 Olympic torch.

Интересы, компетенции:

Strategy (commercial and military), technology consulting, strategic communications, cross-cultural communicating, collective behavior, collective intelligence

Time available for mentorship depends on the project team. At least one day a month in a face-to-face format and two, three times via Internet. In case I am interested more time is negotiable.


To meet ambitious, creative people. I expect them to be open-minded, persistent, professional in what they do. I want to save them time and effort in finding out how the real world of product creation works.

Интересны стартапы:

Product oriented. Robotics is a good start.