On 3–12 October representatives of 13 resident companies from Skolkovo's IT Cluster visited Silicon Valley to present their projects to venture companies and prospective partners.

The Russian startup companies cover a variety of IT sectors – from visual search, security, 3D animation and data analysis to modelling, computer games, cloud computing and geopositioning.

The innovation projects were presented by the Executive Director of the IT Cluster, Alexander Turkot:

“Silicon Valley companies, both those that were recently founded and the major ones, employ a lot of highly qualified Russian programmers. They were born and received an excellent education in a country that is accustomed to setting the pace in cutting-edge technologies, that is capable of solving emerging problems and is renowned for its creative thinking. Russian minds are already contributing to Silicon Valley's operations. This project presentation will be the first step toward developing our own companies, which should counter the brain drain.”

Skolkovo's Silicon Valley road show featured the following innovation projects:

?  Agent Plus – solutions for automating and monitoring the actions of sales representatives

?  Bazelevs Innovation – interactive 3D visualisations of movie scripts, TV shows and theatre productions

?  Choister – online data search and analysis, search engines, social networks

?  CloudMach – 3D virtual environment design for video games, training, communications

?  ePythia – task scheduler for smartphones and cloud services using geopositioning technologies

?  Evanti – satellite and wireless usage optimisation

?  iBuild App – a user-configurable software engine allowing people without programming knowledge to create mobile device applications

?  Kuznech – an online visual search and image indexing tool

?  Rock Flow Dynamics – a computing platform for modelling oil reservoirs

?  CRT Innovation – biometric systems based on artificial intelligence and speech technologies

?  CyberCop – a global computer forensics system for detecting and preventing cyber attacks

?  Pirate Pay – digital rights management to protect and sell popular entertainment products

?  SpeakToIt – a talking smartphone with human-like communication capabilities

Upon their return to Moscow, the road show participant companies will hold a press conference. The time and location of it will be announced later.

Background information:

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