Skolkovo RusInnovations (SKRI) and IP Centre «Skolkovo» have entered into a Framework Agreement as concerns the provision of professional services related to: 
  • sourcing, licensing and protecting Intellectual Property rights derived from Russian scientific, educational and government institutions; 
  • development of practical recommendations in terms of entry into force on 1 September 2013 changes related to small innovative enterprises; 
  • consulting of appropriate legal mechanisms for attributing dedicated investment capital to Russian federal and regional R&D and educational institutions, TechnoParks in partnership with SKRI. 
 “The Intellectual Property landscape within the Russian Federation manifests several very specific challenges to would-be investors. SKRI believes it has chosen the group with the most first-hand experience and awareness of issues that concern particularly the innovation sector and the key role of IP therein. As we set about establishing a massive portfolio of Russian Innovations destined for the public markets, we are proud to have “IPC Skolkovo” as our partners in this vitally-important area”, - commented Ian Humphery-Smith, CEO, SKRI. 
“Activities of IP Center Skolkovo are directly related to commercialization of innovative technologies and engaging investments into Russian tech- areas. To achieve successful results in this sphere it’s needed to provide legal support to projects and to protect results of intellectual 
activities. We are pleased to Mr. Humphery-Smith for confidence given. We will try to do our best to justify hopes of SKRI and to solve together current issues which are important for Russia”, commented Vitaliy Kastalskiy, Managing Partner of IP Center “Skolkovo”