Skolkovo Foundation is announcing recruitment of potential experts in biotechnologies in agriculture.

According to the procedures the expert pool of Skolkovo Foundation is formed in the following way:

  • A candidate should submit the application form and short CV and also attach the detailed CV in electronic form (prepared in any format). These documents will allow the Foundation’s staff to evaluate experience and scientific expertise of the candidate. The candidate should also specify the type of examinations (examinations of the status – for new projects, grant examinations and grant use report examinations – for participants of the Skolkovo Project), candidate’s expertise (scientific, technical or business expert).
  • In the item 3.1 of the application form the Candidate should mark “Biomedical Technologies” as the primary range of the Candidate competence.
  • The candidate’s profile is evaluated according to internal procedures in order to specify candidate’s innovation priorities.
  • In case of approval Skolkovo Foundation then will send the agreement to candidate and will prepare an order on the list of experts.
  • The candidate becomes an expert.

The primary requirements to experts:

Scientific Experts

Technical Experts

Business Experts

Working experience in scientific/ research/ educational Russian or foreign organizations (or science editor of one of the leading well-known academic periodical) for no less than 5 years.

Working experience at senior positions for no less than 5 years over the past 10 years in R&D or technology departments of Russian or foreign production or service companies with substantial turnover.

Working experience at senior positions in high-tech companies for no less than 3 years over the past 10 years


Working experience in private venture companies for no less than 3 years over the past 10 years


Skolkovo Foundation is truly interested in collaboration with top experts and invites them to cooperate.

You may download the application form by clicking on the following link: