Service robot for children's amusement parks, restaurants and events. Robot - animator, the robot - waiter.
Volgograd State Technical University
The anthropomorphic robot with machine vision and locomotion control system.
Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle for MATE International ROV Competition
Inertial MEMS System
OCTOPUS COMMUNICATUS - Octopus Speaker! Be carefful, he can cynically jokes and sprink water! Parody of Artificial Intelligence, contributes to the formation of a positive image of the robots.
Cyberphysical system for cleaning and diagnostics of solar cells
Department of Information Processing and Control System (IU5), BMSTU
The decision-making system for autonomous robots  enabling a robot or group of robots execution of various tasks in nondeterministic environment in autonomous mode.
LLC KB Avrora

Large scale components kit for unmanned vehicle in educational and entertainment purposes. Robotic platform allows to perform debug for scenarios and modes of unmanned ground vehicles, teach students skills of control and programming basics. Simplicity and universality of used components allow to create different test platforms for UGV technology debugging and spend different competitions based on this technology.

LLC KB Avrora
The Agrobot project is aimed at increase automation of agricultural machinery and robotics basic agricultural work. AgroBot is a universal robotic tractor, which will simplify the human work, and greatly improve the efficiency of farms and agricultural holdings. Robotic tractor can be fitted with various attachments to perform such activities as planting, harvesting and processing, distribution of fertilizers, irrigation and so on.
Kleiber bionics
Multi-functional bionic hand prosthesis for people with varying degrees of amputation
Laboratory of Intelligent Robotic Systems, Innopolis University

"Integrator" is a designer of mobile ground robots. From the ready-made set of functional blocks, it is possible to easily and quickly develop mobile robots for their application in production, marketing and even in everyday life.

Liga Robotov Moscow
Malenkii Samoletik
Model glider designed for testing algorithms for autonomous flight.
Moscow Polytechnic University
We created a robot barista that your day in Skolkovo Robotics will start with a cup of bestes coffee by "Camera obscura".
Functional active pulling and bionic prosthesis
National Research Tomsk State University

Remote control system “DUS” is a robotic platform of the increased cross-country capacity.

National Instruments

1) Air hockey 2) Chess 3) Conveyor 4) Photobooth

Unmanned aerial vehicle with an intelligent control system
Bakulin Motors Group
The first Russian self-driving vehicle "smartbus" "MatrЁshka".
LLC Bionic Natali
Disability is not a verdict. New products.
Innovative Center Jewel, LLC.
JHCPS determines the speed of oncoming objects (up to 360 km/h), distance to them and relative trajectory, that enables self-driving car to "see" up to 2,000 meters ahead under any visibility and weather conditions.
OOO «Intellectualnie technology»
Murom-ISP is a multi-agent robotic mobile testing platform designed to significantly reduce the cost of material resources and time to develop intelligent control systems for a wide range of applications, and also presents a number of elements and original approaches in the creation of intelligent mobile robot control systems.
CyberTech Labs Co. Ltd.
Unified robotics platform that makes creation of smart robots even for non-profrssionals.
FutureLab LLC
CableWalker - robotic Power Line control for a SmartGrid future
Le Talo Robotics, Ltd.
Drone and charging station for autonomous monitoring. Complex allows to deploy a UAV in observing location and get remote data from the drone. UAV is autochargable, has auto takeoff and auto landing modes and export gathered data to cloud based GIS
The learning designer of the Ecosystem constructed on the principles of the Internet of things.
ROBORAZUM: software intellectualization platform for robotics
Open Development
A programmable logic controller for wireless control of a robot. It is a central element of a wireless network in IOT, provides control of the robot and its interaction with the environment.
Useful Robots LLC
ExoChair is an industrial lower body exoskeleton increasing individual workforce productivity.
The project is based on the idea of innovative school class, where kids could interactively learn robotics, programming and 3d-printing using free open source hardware and software.
Anywalker - ultra-mobile chassis for service robots with dynamic stabilization system that solves the problem of movement in human-adapted not pre-prepared environment.
TRY.FIT Platform finds the Best FIT Footwear for confident shopping & high conversion rate omnichannel retail
Indel-Partner LTD
Small sized remotely operated underwater vehicle GNOM. Can be used in rescue and searching operation, also surveys and monitoring.
Autonomous mobile robot aimed at automatization of a warehouse order picking process. Robot is equipped with computer vision system and adaptive gripper to perform various manipulations with boxes.
Promobot – this is the first on the market, completely self-contained “live” with a robot character. It is designed to work in areas of high concentrations of people in which the robot helps people with navigation, answers any questions, translates promotional materials and remembers everyone with whom had to communicate.
RoboCV X-MOTION NG - flexible intellectual system for automated transportaion of pallets within a warehouse.

RCML is a programming framework and a runtime platform for operating industrial robots, designed to meet the complexity of Industry 4.0. Using RCML reduces the cost of robot software development tenfold.

LIDARs for mobile robots, drones
SMARC System-On-Mosule based on AM335x Sitara processor can be used for any embedded systems and robotics.
"TabletSat-Konstructor" satellite kit includes simplified versions of satellite devices and could be programed by using C/Python with simplified software libraries. 
SkyRod - system of landing UAV on the ships and offshore platforms
TUSUR University
RoboCup Humanoid KidSize Soccer
Innopolis University
Development of modular software system in aim of using it as a base for intellect for human-like robot. Moreover, conducting research about interaction between humans and human-like robots.
ITMO University, Mechatronics department
Mechatronics educational complex for education in robotics
Industrial robot demo cell
Tsuru Robotics
DIY quadcopter educational kit
The exoskeleton for medical rehabilitation.
Unmanned Ground Vehicle for Research and Development, Unmanned Air Vehicle for Agriculture
BiTronics Lab
BiTronics Lab is DIY kit in neuroscience, robotics and programming

The work is dedicated to the creation of a new robotic system, those with no analogues to date in the world, capable of automated and self-repair of the roadway.

LEGO Education
LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 robotics based education solution about space research programs developed by Russian specialists will present to students of 6-7th grade theoretical basics of modern cosmonautics.
Marvelmind Robotics
Precise (+-2cm) Indoor Navigation System for autonomous robots, copters and VR
Philips Innovation Labs RUS
System for automation of inventory management in a warehouse using the autonomous mobile robotic system based on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).
Universal Robots
Meet the world’s no.1 in collaborative robots: Safe, Flexible, Affordable and Easy to program Universal Robots. Automate almost anything!