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The delegation of «Skolkovo» Foundation will visit the scientific and technological Park of Sophia-Antipolis

Tue 12:00 AM - Wed 11:59 PM
Tue 17 Jul 2012 12:00 AM - Wed 18 Jul 2012 11:59 PM (UTC+03:00) Moscow, St. Petersburg

17-18 July 2012, the delegation of «Skolkovo» Foundation  will visit the scientific and technological Park of Sophia-Antipolis and will visit other organizations of the innovative  system of the region Alpes-Maritimes (France).

The trip will be attended by representatives of clusters, technoparks, companies-residents of «Skolkovo», as well as the office for the creation of an attractive environment under the President of  Foundation.

This is the first working meeting of representatives of «Skolkovo» and Sophia-Antipolis after the signing in March of this year the Agreement on cooperation by  presidents of both innovative  centers - V.F.Vekselbergom and  P.Laffitom.

It is expected that with a salutatory word to the participants of the meeting will turn  General Consul  of the Russian Federation in Marseille V.N.Pozdnyakov and General Secretary  of  Foundation Sophia Antipolis, Jean-Noel Dyurvi.

For the first time in Sophia-Antipolis, the oldest and the largest technological Park of Europe, will take place the  presentation of the innovative  center of «Skolkovo»: the Cluster of space technologies, the Cluster of biomedical technologies and the Cluster of nuclear technologies. Representatives of clusters, as well as heads of the companies-participants will conduct negotiations with potential partners, investors and business angels, heads of the relevant cluster Sophia-Antipolis and the region of the Alpes-Maritimes. Among the alleged members of  French side- the representatives of the Cluster Optitec (laser and wave technologies), Eurobiomed (biomedical technologies), Pegase (space technology and communications), companies and research centers. It is also scheduled to visit a business incubator, laboratories, meeting with experts from the Chamber of Commerce in the region.

Russian participants of the trip will become familiar with the activity of the Park, quarters  under construction , created in Sophia-Antipolis, in accordance with its development Strategy 2020.

In addition to contacts and negotiations  in Sofia-Antipolis, the program of the event includes a visit of a  new innovation zone Ekovalle, created in the framework of the project «Big nice». The experience of accession to the city of new territories and the construction on one of them an innovative quarter, the center of which will be the University of Nice - Sophia-Antipolis, may  be interesting as a model for the  future cooperation «Skolkovo» and Moscow authorities, but also as an example of the  development of a megacity using  the latest innovative and urban trends.