Getting there

  • Private car


Skolkovskaya, Technopark, P-5 and HyperCube parkings are now open to the public.


Amaltea Parking

For both regular clients and visitors to Skolkovo. 

  • Capacity: 447 parking spaces
  • Rates: From 1 to 3 first hours - 100 rubles, from 4th hour - 100 rubles per hour
  • Tickets: 12,000 rubles per month.


Internal minibuses will take you from the car parks to wherever you need to go within the innovations centre.


  •  Carsharing



  • Taxi

Users of Uber, Citymobil and Yandex.Taxi services are provided with "seamless" passage of cars with automatic lifting of the barrier. A pass is not required to enter the territory.

  • Electromobile

For owners of electric vehicles parking on the territory of IC Skolkovo is free. It is necessary to issue a pass in the access control system of vehicle to enter to the territory.

Currently, there are charging stations in the following parking lots:

  • Usadba (1 charging station)
  • Technopark-1 (2 charging stations)
  • HyperCube (2 charging stations)