Parent Teacher Association


The purpose of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is to assist the school and the parents with the entire educational process. This includes: implementing what is taught in the classroom, assistance with extracurricular activities, and assisting with special events like concerts and charitable events. In addition, the PTA helps with defining and refining, if necessary, the focus and strategy of the school. 

Primary responsibilities of the PTA: 

    • Plan and carry out school activities 
    • Develop the school’s resource base (educational resources and, not limited too, financial resources) 
    • Develop the infrastructure of the school 
    • Develop business and/or educational relationships with 3rd party organizations who can assist with the development of the school 
    • Continually work to improve school policies 

In order to maximize the productivity of the PTA, the following sub committees were established: 

    • Committee on Education 
    • Building Committee 
    • Committee on Interaction with Skolkovo Clusters 
    • Committee on Internal Research 

The primary purpose of our committees is the planning and implementation of various school projects.