Middle School

Middle School at the International Gymnasium of Skolkovo Is: 

    • Grades 5 through 9
    • Research and inquiry are the primary methods of teaching  
    • Individual approach that is designed to find and maximize the talents of each student 
    • Emphasis on developing entrepreneurial, leadership, communication, critical thinking, social and research skills as well as self-discipline
    • English with native speakers 
    • Mandatory study of a second foreign language – Chinese, Spanish and German 
    • Favourable environment fostering social and artistic development
    • Located on the territory of the Skolkovo Innovation Center
    • A spacious building fully equipped with all of the necessary, modern amenities 

Daily schedule:

Working hours from 8:30 till 18:30. Classes start at 09:00 and end between 14:30 and 15:20.

Academic Calendar 

The academic year begins on 1 September. At the conclusion of every term vacation is provided for the students. Once the school year concludes, summer school begins and will end in mid June. During this time students engage in more relaxed lessons, spend time outdoors, go on field trips and play! 

Teaching Methodology 

The MYP (Middle Years Programme) begins in the 5th grade and concludes in the 9th grade. It is a continuation and expansion of the PYP curriculum. It is designed to encourage students to make positive links between real life and their studies. Eight subject groups are taught in the MYP to ensure the students receive a broad, yet thorough education. 

Over the course of their time in Middle School, students will learn: 

    • To take responsibility 
    • Find and critically assess information 
    • Understand the world around us
    • Develop and understand of cause and effect relationships 
    • Develop an understanding our own culture and the cultures of other people and places 
    • Develop communication skills (in accordance with MYP standards) 

Extracurricular Activities 


  • Sports (chess, floorball, football, swimming, taekwondo, volleyball, dancesport)
  • Foreign languages (international exam preparation courses in English, German and Chinese)
  • Robotics (Logo WeDo, Lego Mindstorms, Arduino)
  • Natural science (physics, chemistry, microbiology and genetics)
  • Arts (arts & design, drawing, photography, musical instruments, singing, drama, folk music, dance, ballet)