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Skolkovo Technopark recommends that participants solicit legal counsel from accredited providers.

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Our law firms have gone through a multi-stage assessment to receive Skolkovo Technopark accreditation. Only the best, most reputable law firms are selected for our residents.

Skolkovo Technopark carries out continuous monitoring to ensure the quality of the services provided and, regularly assesses the satisfaction of the residents.

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Participants choose the law firm they are comfortable with. A list of accredited providers is constantly updated so you can choose the best firm for your needs.

Skolkovo participants qualify for discounted rates with accredited law firms.

Some of the services provided by accredited law firms:

- - Registering a legal entity, choosing the optimal organizational form

- - Registering affiliates and branches of Russian and foreign companies

- - Help with obtaining licenses, certificates and other permission documents

- - Issuing references and other documents required by the law in Russia and abroad

- - Legal support for transactions

- - Representation in court

- - Complete legal support for enterprises and organizations

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