On March 27th Skolkovo Foundation participated in the International Congress “Open Russia: Time for Change - Time for Opportunity” hosted by Committee of CCI of RF and Agency on economic collaboration and development on facilitation of foreign economic activity in the World Trade Center, Moscow.

As a part of the panel discussion «Russia under the new economic conditions» Vasily Belov, Senior Vice-President for Innovations Development of Skolkovo Foundation, presented overview of Skolkovo efforts in promoting growth of innovative businesses in Russia.

A significant part of these activities is joining international chains of innovations with the help from partners and associations worldwide. In this regard, Skolkovo announced IASP World Conference 2016 to be held in Moscow. This fact serves the evidence of importance of multinational cooperation on innovations and leading role of Skolkovo Innovation Center in fostering its development in Russia.

As part of the Congress, Skolkovo Technopark participated in the Round Table ““Russia – China. Strategy for Development of Efficient Partnership and Investment Collaboration”. As a Member of the IASP, Skolkovo Technopark underlined the cooperation within the network of science and technology parks in China as an essential factor of fostering bilateral cooperation projects.



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