July the 3d, in the building of Technopark "Skolkovo", organized for the representatives of participating companies, the first seminar on "Skolkovo – user’s manual " was held. At the event guests were able to learn about the benefits of the company, which received the status of a "Skolkovo" project participant, Center for Intellectual Property, the Customs and Finance Company and personally interact with their representatives.

During more than two-hour dialogue organizers were able to tell about most of the existing services for the participating companies and visitors were able to ask questions and get straight answers.


Maxim Kiselev, director of development in Technopark "Skolkovo", with an overview presentation of the Technopark.

Before turning to the presentation, M.Kiselev exposed data from Fund, so that member companies formed the overall picture of the great opportunities of "Skolkovo": "To date, over 500 participants registered in the fund and the numbers are constantly changing. So the plan to recruit members in 2011 were 200 companies, but by the end of the year there were 330 companies participating. In the same year the plan was designed for 500 companies, although it is likely that by the end of the year at this rate the total number will reach more than 700. "

One of the major activities of the Foundation - helping start-ups at different levels of funding.

More than 80 projects have received grants totaling $ 250 million

"Today's activity of Technopark is aimed primarily to help startups grow and develop. This is the essence of the mission of Technopark - create a service environment in which companies can grow their business. That's why we work, "- said Maxim Kiselev.

In addition, almost every day at the Technopark is learning and training. Last week, took one of the first skills trainings (training skills) for IT-companies. The second type of training is aimed at the development of companies - it will hold special pitch trainings-training to help companies communicate with investors and competently to build a dialogue with him - this is a topic very important to start-ups.

Finally, Development Director noted that Technopark "Skolkovo" provides innovative companies participating in the project "Skolkovo" all necessary support to ensure that they have successfully developed their technological assets and corporate structure, becoming a leading player in global markets. Technopark - the system of one-stop-shop for you.

Evgenia Glukhova, Manager of accounting center described the characteristics of taxes for participants in "Skolkovo" and benefits provided by the Fund, as well as the work of the accounting center. In particular, the center conducts thematic trainings, conferences and seminars, provides guidelines (advice to players), assisting the participants in the selection of vendors and provides high quality services. Glukhova affected the topic of outsourcing, advising start-ups to work with outsourcing companies, as it reduces costs (services outsourcing company, on average 20-25 thousand rubles.) and ensure that obligations to the tax authorities performed as well as minimizes the financial and management risks.

In addition, Eugenia told startups that Technopark "Skolkovo" offers right to pass a zero report for 2nd quarter free of charge: "If your organization is a party to Skolkovo, but does not conduct business activities and there is a need to take a zero reporting - offer to transfer this function to specialists of Technopark "Skolkovo. '" (Need a reference to the discount)

Andrey Sartori, director of research and development services, presented opportunities of common use centers (CUC).

The center provides services to start-ups in order to accelerate the development and implementation of products on the market (services: Microscopy and Analysis, Micro-Nano prototyping, optoelectronics, prototyping). Director of R & D said that the CUC helps software companies at different levels of development, regardless of what stage of development is the company's product from its manufacturing stage prior to release to the market.

Tatiana Kozub, head of the HR center, spoke in detail about the technology experts for selection of participating companies and service personnel center "Skolkovo". In particular, Technopark selects young professionals (students / graduate students) in accordance with the requirements of the customer, creates and provides a detailed list of candidates, potentially suitable for this position, and places the customer's position on external resources.

George Poloz, manager of lease relations, presented a unique features of business center "Ural". He also added about advantages of the Hypercube, the official opening scheduled for September 2012.

"Ural" - is a modern office building situated in a picturesque location with good transport accessibility and easy access roads (bass shuttle run regularly from the metro station "Slavyansky Bulvar") effective planning of office blocks, the possibility of preferential use of additional service business center. Today 2000 sq.m located in the sublease, by September of this year, we expect that there will be an additional 2,000 sq ft on the 3rd and 4th floors of the Technopark. All rooms are furnished, functional, have access to the Internet. For us it is important that the company was engaged in its activities, so we will pick for you office space of the area that interests you. It should be noted that the Technopark "Skolkovo" offers a subsidy rate which is lower than the market price. "

The rate per square meter is $ 300/year without VAT.

Michael Tykuchinsky, director of Cluster Development of energy efficient technologies in "Skolkovo" Fund began his speech with an appeal to start-ups, "Technopark provides infrastructure and provides many opportunities, which I advise you to take advantage."

As a representative of the clusters Michael explained to representatives of companies about clusters  and why it is important to cooperate with them, "Cluster - is a mentor to help you run your business, from strategic development, grants and ending with receipt of money. Cluster - a single window, and the sooner you contact them, the more you will have the opportunity to do business. "

Tykuchinsky reminded that the grant should be treated exactly the cluster, a startup that helps in solving the problems.

Dmitri Klebanov, director of development VIST Mining Technology, shared his experiences as a resident of Technopark "Skolkovo", "We became residents of Technopark  in October 2011 and from 2012 the services of Technopark" Skolkovo ", HR center (in just two weeks professionals for the company picked up the necessary jobs to suitably qualified), Center for Intellectual Property Rights (filed applications for trademark registration), rents space in the business center "Ural". It is important to carry out their work, rather than administrative activities related to the conduct of business problems and Technology Park "Skolkovo" helps us to solve our problem. "

Summed up the discussion, Nikina Anna, the head of international development programs for member companies, "Skolkovo": "The event was the first of its kind and will be further carried out regularly at the Technopark" Skolkovo "to ensure that participating companies can most effectively use the ecosystem "Skolkovo" for the successful development of its innovative projects. "

After the event, all guests were able to continue communication. In an informal atmosphere representatives of participating companies were not only able to substantively discuss issues relevant to them, but to get targeted answers from experts of Technopark "Skolkovo".

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