On the 24th of May an international Investment meeting «Seed Forum Moscow», organized by Technopark "Skolkovo" and the organization «Seed Forum» was held.

The event provided an opportunity for individual investors, venture funds, investment companies and other financial institutions to obtain information "first hand" about selected innovative projects that are planning to expand its business and international markets.

The event was attended by 4 foreign innovative companies:

  • Itsmesee (Norway) - avatar technologies for the sale of clothing via the Internet;
  • Fair Trading technology (UK) - technology integration platform for FOREX trading;
  • Anti-Office (Lithuania) - pharmaceutical products for skin protection from electromagnetic waves;
  • So to Speak (Norway) - dial-up applications for the study of foreign languages, which is already operating in Russia.


Also, presentations were made by four companies-participants of "Skolkovo":

  • DisplAir - Interactive bezekranny display, which displays any image in the air
  • Dashboard Systems-software development for boards of directors, boards, committees, and other collegial bodies;
  • Selenokhod - creating robots for exploration of the solar system;
  • Quantum Pharmaceuticals - Pharmacology for molecular modeling, including the newest drugs to combat AIDS.

In the framework of «Seed Forum Moscow» agreement was signed between the company DisplAir  and LETA Group, which invests one million dollars in the company. Much of the funding will come from LETA, the rest will give private domestic and international investors.

 Seed Forum - this is one of the most professional of global organizations, which has successfully been meeting investors and start-ups in more than 30 countries around the world, and now also in Russia, in partnership with Technopark "Solkovo." 

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