Dr. Klaus Fellmann

Head of Market Acceptance EMEA, Bayer

Dr. Klaus Fellmann graduated from the oldest university of Stuttgart - Hohenhaim – as an agricultural engineer. He got his degree in 1981 and 4 years later he received a Dr. Science agr. Degree at the same university. Still being a student Dr. Fellmann started his career in the agricultural industry: he operated a a 30-ha vegetable and potato farm. He joined Bayer in 1987 as an employee in crop protection unit that was later named CropScience. He occupied various positions being in charge of technical, regulatory, marketing, sales and communication functions in Bayer’s crop protection and seeds business and now he is Head of Market Acceptance EMEA.



Sergey Matveev

Deputy Director ofthe Department of Science and Technology Ministry of Education and Scienceof the Russian Federation



Ian Luyt

Managing Director, Novirost Limited

Ian Luyt is Managing Director of Novirost Limited, an independent advisor focused on food, agribusiness, biofuels and forest products in emerging markets, and KasavaTrading, which works with food manufacturers entering the Russian market. He is also lead advisor to EBRD’s Enterprise Growth Program, which helps private enterprises in Eastern Europe and Central Asia to develop new business, refocus existing activities, improve competitiveness and expand. Previously, he set up the agribusiness and forest products advisory platform for the International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group) focused on investments in these sectors in the FSU. Ian was Managing Director for Agribusiness at Lonrho Plc where he directed a diversity of business in Africa covering some 500,000 of land. He served as a director of the Beira Corridor Group, a public-private venture formed to facilitate the rehabilitation of and investment in transit corridors in post-conflict Mozambique. Ian is a graduate of Columbia University, New York (MBA Finance), the University of South Africa (BComm) and Stellenbosch University (BSc).




Gil Petersil

Networking Mastery Coach 

 After living, studying and working in Israel, Canada, USA and England, Gil uses his international expertise in human psychology, creative marketing and a multitude of business proficiencies to enable any size businesses to flourish with a clear understanding of their project milestones, financial environment and simple people motivation strategies. 



Natacha Díaz Aguilera

Adviser, Deputy Head of Mission, the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in the Russian Federation 



Dr. Rudra Sil

Professor, Dept. of Political Science
SAS Director, Huntsman Program
in International Studies & Business
University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Rudra Sil is Professor of Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League university located in Philadelphia, USA. He has been teaching there for twenty years, mentoring both college students as well as doctoral students pursuing their Ph.D. degrees. His research interests encompass Russian & East European studies, Asian studies, comparative development, labor relations, and general social theory. He is author, co-author or co-editor of six books. These include his sole-authored 500-page book, Managing ‘Modernity’: Work, Community, and Authority in Late-Industrializing Japan and Russia (2002) and, more recently, Beyond Paradigms: Analytic Eclecticism in the Study of World Politics (2010), co-authored with Peter Katzenstein, a noted international relations scholar at Cornell University. The latter book was honored as a CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title in 2011. Profesor Sil is also co-editor of World Order After Leninism (2006) and The Politics of Labor in a Global Age (2001). Professor Sil’s articles have appeared in a wide range of journals, including Perspectives on Politics, International Studies Quarterly, Post-Soviet Affairs, Europe-Asia Studies, and Studies in Comparative International Development. Professor Sil is currently working on a book that is intended to serve as a corrective to simplified (often negative) characterizations of contemporary Russia in the United States. The book is titled Russia Reconsidered: The Fate of a Former Superpower. He is simultaneously completing his research on another book, Pathways of the Post-communist Proletariat: The Evolution of Labor Relations in Russia, China and Eastern Europe. Professor Sil was born in India, grew up in many different countries (including India, England, Syria and the United States), and then enrolled at the University of California at Berkeley, where he received his B.A. with Highest Honors in Political Science in 1988, followed by his M.A. in 1989 and his Ph.D. in 1996. For more information, see his website: www.sas.upenn.edu/polisci/people/standing-faculty/rudra-sil



Antonio Alberto Rocha Oliveira

Agricultural Attaché at the Embassy of The Federative Republic of Brazil to The Russian Federation

Oliveira is an agronomist (from the Universidade de Brasília, DF, Brazil), with a M.Sc. in Plant Pathology (from the Universidade Federal de Viçosa, MG, Brazil), a Ph.D. in Pure and Applied Biology (from the University of Leeds, United Kingdom) and a Post-Doc in Physiophytopathology (at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, U.S.A.). Oliveira has been a researcher of the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa) since 1979. He has accumulated significant international experience, having participated in different Official Missions of the Brazilian Government to China, Jamaica, Guiné-Bissau, Fiji and Vanuatu. He is the former Deputy of Administrative, Research and Development Director of Embrapa Cassava & Fruits.



Vladislav Karasevich

Executive Director, LORES

Graduated from Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute (Technical University), then completed PhD study and get PhD degree in 2003. Participated in TACIS PIP program. In 2012-2013 was involved in several renewable energy courses including biogas courses.

In 2000 – 2014 worked in Gazprom Promgaz where was involved in international activity and energy efficiency areas. Since 2008 involved in renewable energy studies, in 2008-2009 was in charge of Gazprom renewable energy roadmap. Since 2003 involved in International Gas Union activity (mostly in R&D and gas utilization). Was in charge of several UN Economical Commission for Europe about energy efficiency. Was involved in creation of joint venture (GDF Suez and Gazprom) for providing energy services in Russia OOO “Ecoservice” than in 2012-2013 was deputy director general of this JV. In 2013 founded JSC “Engprogroup” (innovative technologies in energy), since 2016 – general director. Since 2014 – executive director of LORES (engineering company for energy, responsible for energy efficiency, renewable energy, autonomy gas supply and gas to vehicles) and Assistant Professor in Gubkin State Oil and Gas University (energy efficiency and renewable energy).
Has 1 patent and 2 patent application related to renewable energy, has 2 books and more than 30 publications. Currently is mentor and expert of Skolkovo foundation.



Oksana Lopyreva-Beliaeva

External Affairs Director at AGRO-Invest Group of companies founded by Black Earth Farming Ltd (public)

Oksana has been leading the group’s external communications (mainly GR) since 2015. Before that she spent 15 years with a world leader in producing frozen French fries (McCain) in various functions, most of the time managing a potato factory construction project. She has a broad experience working with the Russian agricultural sector, focusing on stakeholder relations and communications. Oksana has an MBA degree from a UK-based university and a degree in Managing Agricultural Holdings from the Academy of National Economy in Moscow. Privately, Oksana is a certified Business and Executive coach, a leadership trainer and a founder of Support to Leaders in Transition program, meant to help successfully marry the new-coming managers with the company culture and boost the company efficiency and success.



Dr. Ilya Kuzminov

Lead Expert,
Department of Science and Technology Foresight

Dr. Ilya Kuzminov graduated Lomonosov Moscow State University. PhD in Economic, Social, Political and Recreational Geography in the Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Ilya Kuzminov is lead expert of International Research and Educational Foresight Centre NRU HSE (Department of Science and Technology Foresight in Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge). He is responsible for coordination of research activities in the priority area “Environmental Management” of the Russian Federation Long-Term Technology Foresight development and monitoring. He participates in the new wave of science and technology foresight activities in the Russian Federation (Technology Foresight until 2040, Critical Technologies 2014-2016, Sectoral Technology Foresights in energy sector and in agriculture).   His scientific interests include environmental management, sustainable forest management, timber industry complex, Russian agriculture, forestry and agroforestry, socio-economic geography, sustainable development, future-oriented technology analysis (FTA), technology foresight, critical technologies, technology readiness level, full text data extraction, text mining. Dr.Kuzminov has 28 published scientific articles, participation in 12 conferences and in 24 scientific research projects on the agriculture and environment management issues.



Dr. Alexander Chulok

Deputy Director,
Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge / International Research and Educational Foresight Centre

Dr. Alexander Chulok graduated National Research University Higher School of Economics (NRU HSE). PhD in economics «Distribution of IPRs to R&D». Alexander Chulok is Deputy Director of International Research and Educational Foresight Centre NRU HSE. He is responsible for coordination of research activities in the field of national, sectoral and corporative science and technology (S&T) Foresight, science, technology and innovation (STI) policy. He participated in all key national foresight initiatives, including 3 cycles of National S&T Foresight. The last one was approved by D.A. Medvedev. His scientific interests include theory, methodology, and practices of analysis of global challenges and grand responses in STI, priority setting, social and economic development, roadmapping and scenario building, foresight evaluation and implementation into policy-making process. Dr.Chulok has more than 50 scientific articles and hundreds of successful presentations and reports for different stakeholders.



Dmitry Katalevsky

Associate Director,
Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

Dmitry Katalevsky is a professional investment advisor working with top-management and shareholders of large and mid-size Russian companies on various projects including buy-and sell-side advisory, equity fundraising and debt restructuring. Currently he is supervising a team of several professionals within Deloitte Corporate Finance Advisory Department.



Ivan Kosenkov

Analyst at Space and Telecommunications Technologies Cluster, Skolkovo Foundation




Vladislav Shershulsky

Director, Technology Cooperation,

Vladislav Shershulsky has 30+ years unique experience exploring computer science and industry in different roles – as researcher, as editor-in-chief, as head of department in ministry of science, as entrepreneur, and as manager at local and international software development companies. He has university diploma in theoretical physics and Ph.D. in computational physics, more than 400 publications, was several times listed in “Russia top100 IT Business”, “top10 Russia Computer Journalists”, and is equally recognized by academic and business communities. Currently serves as Director, technology cooperation, running broad range of competitive and cooperation activities across industry. In Microsoft was honored with CSI Award and Circle of Excellence Gold Club awards.



Philipp Khaitovich

Professor, Center for Data-Intensive Biomedicine and Biotechnology,
Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

Philipp completed undergraduate studies in molecular biology at Moscow State University in 1995 and PhD in biochemistry at the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1999. From 2000 till 2006 Philipp worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology at the department of Evolutionary Genetics headed by Prof. Svante Pääbo. In September 2006, Philipp took a faculty position at the Institute for Computational Biology jointly established by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Max Planck Society in Shanghai China. In 2012 Philipp was promoted to an institute director position. From 2012, Philipp is a fellow member of Max Planck Society of Germany, as well as adjunct Professor at ShanghaiTech University in Shanghai, China. Philipp joined Skoltech as a Full Professor in April 2014.



Kirill Kaem

Vice President, Executive Director of BioMedical Cluster, Skolkovo Foundation

Kirill Kaem, whose family have been doctors for no fewer than seven generations, graduated from the Kirov State Medical Academy in Nizhny Novgorod in 1992. Five years later he graduated with distinction from the economics department at the Lobachevsky State University, after successfully completing his studies in Russia and the USA on an MBA program run jointly with Taylor University. He has over 20 years' experience in senior management roles, including 15 years as a CEO at the corporation's various international branches. He specializes in launching start-ups in new regions and countries, and new business areas at major firms. In his role as CEO of the Skolkovo Foundation's biomedical technologies cluster, he will be responsible for the cluster's development strategy, contact with the regulator, attracting start-ups and searching for new partners.



Alexey Ivanov

Director for Legal Policy and Social Development, Skolkovo Foundation

Alexey Ivanov leads the Skolkovo-HSE Institute for Law and Development in its academic and strategic pursuits. Ivanov has guided the HSE-Skolkovo joint venture since its inception, directs the Institute's research and progress, and engages the findings of the Institute at the forefront of leading domestic Russian and international legal and policy arenas. Since 2012, Ivanov has served as Director of the Department for Legal Policy and Social Development at the Skolkovo Foundation. Alexey, since 2008, has taught the course Antitrust in the New Economyas part of the educational program mandated by the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia. Ivanov also researches at the Centre for Law, Economics and Society at University College London, with particular contribution to their Social Media Unit. He is a partner and co-founder of the law firm Nadmitov, Ivanov and Partners.

Ivanov is currently serving his second term as the elected President of the Harvard Club of Russia, a leading Moscow-based non-profit that regularly convenes the city's business, political, and philanthropic elite together with University alumni. Ivanov is also founder of Cleantech, a Russian non-profit dedicated to the development of clean technology innovation.



Dr. Yury Nikolsky

Director of Science / CSO,
BioMedical Cluster at the Skolkovo Foundation

Dr. Nikolsky has 20 years of experience in life sciences, both business and research. Currently, he is a director of science at Biomedical cluster at Skolkovo Foundation. Until 2014, he worked as the VP R&D at Thomson Reuters (TR), a global media company. Prior, Dr. Nikolsky was CEO of GeneGo, a systems biology company acquired by TR in 2010. Prior to GeneGo, he was CEO of ChemDiv (San Diego, CA), a drug discovery CRO. Dr. Nikolsky also co-founded Integrated Genomics, Inc. (Chicago, IL), a comparative genomics and bioinformatics company and held positions of a Senior Scientist for Thermogen, Inc. (Chicago, IL) and Instructor at the University of Chicago. Dr. Nikolsky holds an MBA degree in finance from the Booth School of Business (University of Chicago) and a Doctoral degree in molecular genetics from VNIIGenetika Graduate School in Moscow, Russia. Dr. Nikolsky’s research interests are in disease research, personalized and translational medicine. Dr. Nikolsky authored over 80 research articles and 4 patents.



Alexander Fertman

Scientific Director, Nuclear Technology and Advanced Manufacturing Cluster, Skolkovo Foundation

A PhD (Candidate of Science) in Physics and Mathematics (Alexander Fertman defended his PhD thesis Diagnosing free electron density in plasma by energy loss of fast protons in 2000). He is a Senior Research Scientist with the Institute for Theoretic and Experimental Physics. He is teaching a course of lectures on Experimental physics of interactions between heavy charged particles and the matter at the Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute, and is actively helping students there.
Alexander has authored more than 100 published articles and monographs. The results of Alexander Fertman’s research have been frequently quoted at major international conferences, including PAC, EPAC, EPS, HIF and others. He is one of the organizers and Deputy Director of the FAIR - Russia Research Center.
Alexander Fertman became Advisor to the President of the Skolkovo Foundation for Nuclear Technologies in January 2011.



Roman Kulikov

Head of Agricultural biotechnology,
BioMedical Cluster at the Skolkovo Foundation



Mikhail Orlov

President, Group of companies AMBIKA

Mikhail Orlov has a Masters’ Degree in economics from St-Gall School of Economics, Law, Business & Public Administration in Switzerland. He speaks fluently Russian, French, English and German and has a basic knowledge of Italian and Spanish. He was born in Lausanne/Switzerland and is a citizen of Russia and Switzerland, but also has a strong Egyptian background. Mikhail spent several years in private equity, heading INVESCO's Moscow office as Executive Director for the former Soviet Union and then served as Managing Director with The Carlyle Group in charge of their Russian office. In 2005, after the Russian Duma had passed the Land Code allowing private ownership of agricultural land, he created Black Earth Farming Limited, a company, which acquired 330’000 hectares of agricultural land in the central black earth provinces of Russia and put them back into production after being fallow for years. In December 2007, he successfully listed the company on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and exited his position. In 2008, he founded the Ambika Group, which specializes in seeds in Russia (genetics and multiplication) and operates farming operations in Africa including seed multiplication. Ambika is focusing mainly not at land banking but at maximizing the generation of profits and the IRR per hectare through efficiency, new technologies and proper p[ositionning on the food value chain. Ambika is also highly engaged in food security issues and advises different government and governmental entities in the world. It created a PPP with the Russian State to act as a platform for the transfer of agro-technologies and their adaptation to the Russian conditions. In 2014 he became the Chairman of the Russian-Egyptian Business Council and is actively involved in developing trading and investment relations between Russia and Egypt.



Olga Zynovyeva


Olga Zynovyeva graduated from Harvard Business School (MBA 2013) and holds Master's degree in International Economics from MGIMO. Before devoting herself to revolutionizing the food industry with ELEMENTAREE, Olga worked for global consulting companies (McKinsey, ATKearney), as well as for private equity funds (RDIF, Horizon Capital). She started her business in Moscow supported by an American investor. ELEMENTAREE so far has raised a total of 1 mln USD from an international group of angels. ELEMENTAREE provides turn-key solutions for food by delivering personalized meal kits which are easy to cook. Key differentiators of ELEMENTAREE are time savings, money saving compared to shopping in supermarkets and variety of food developed for you by a team of professionals.



Viktor Korennoy

Analyst (renewables) at Energy Cluster, Skolkovo Foundation

Graduated from the Graduate School of Management. Completed an internship in the Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

In 2012 undertook consulting project for “Avada” LLC, created an automated model for the calculation of production costs.

Prior to joining the “Skolkovo” worked in CJSC “Integrated Energy Systems” in the Department of Economic Analysis. Implemented multipurpose efficiency analysis of IES-Holding power plants: identification of EBITDA growth factors. Developed an automated mathematical model of benchmarking of Holding power plants in terms of fixed costs.

Candidate to Master in chess.



Elena Lavrova

Leading expert of Russian National Contact Point 'Food security, sustainable agriculture, marine and maritime research and the bio-economy & Biotechnology'



Dr. Olga Tarasova

Consultant at the Russian Technology Transfer Network

Graduated from Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute, PhD in Physics and Mathematics.  Nuclear researcher at the Institute of Power Physics and Engineering in Obninsk since1980.  Participated in TACIS FINRUS 9804 programme "Innovation centres and science cities of the Russian Federation", and later in several projects of EC 7th Framework Programme.  Olga has been involved in the development of the Russian Technology Transfer Network (RTTN) and its methodology since 2001.  Since then, she is working for RTTN, administrating its international segments, coordinating the networking activities on searching foreign partners for Russian clients and vice versa, providing training, mentoring and on-hand assistance to the network participants on the issues of transnational cooperation and networking in the area of innovation and technology development. 



Maria Mikhaleva

Deputy Head of Public Relations of the Russian Science Foundation; Secretary of the Coordinating Council for Youth affairs in science and education at the Presidental Council for Science and Education 




Vladimir Kiselev

Member of the Guild of Marketers

Vladimir is a lecturer (Institute of Public Administration and Management; Graduate School of Corporate Management) of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, a member of the Guild of Marketing, Moscow, 

Doctor of Business Administration, organizational development сonsultant, marketer, methodology. Member of the Guild of marketers. The list of names of iconic specialists in marketing, marketing communications and consulting hundred Russian marketing professionals. Profile in LEADER ID https://leader-id.ru/1354. Vladimir's profile in Top MBA marketing professors.