Open University Skolkovo 
Benefits of becoming a participant




We help OpUS participants fill out and submit applications necessary to obtain the Skolkovo participant status and offer guidance on involvement in the Skolkovo Project. 

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Obtaining the Skolkovo participant status means becoming a part of the Skolkovo community. Skolkovo participants have the opportunity to take part in multiple events organized by the Skolkovo Foundation, Skoltech and also in OpUS intensive courses and seasonal camps on a noncompetitive basis (or as selected internally).




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Event Management 


OpUS offers support and assistance in organizing events aiming at popularizing science and innovation, as well as technological creativity and entrepreneurship. The event’s topic has to fall in the key areas of potential growth of the Skolkovo Foundation.  





Partner Events

The ability to take part in partner events such as TEDxMoscow and TEDxSkolkovo also events, programs, and schools of OpUS partner companies (Miscrosoft, SAP, Intel, Autodesk, RVC, etc.).