«My idea of Russia 2011» contest

The first My Idea for Russia contest was held in Spring 2011 by Open University Skolkovo and Singularity University. The winners were:

  1. Sergei Musienko, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, graduate student.
    Idea: «Open genome project».X]

  2. Anna Trunina, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, sixth-year student.
    Idea: «Developing of bioresorbable scaffolds for stents with cellular technologies».

  3. Olga Avryasova, Saratov State Technical University, graduate student.
    Idea: «Mathematical modeling of electromagnetic pollution power lines».


These students spent 10 weeks at Singularity University (Silicon Valley, California, U.S.) from June 18 – August 27, 2011, studying and working on joint projects in the company of 80 other young people from 35 different countries.

By the end of the program, two international projects had been developed:

Anna Trunina and Sergei Musienko.

PrimerLife - is an Internet resource related to personalized medicine, based on genetic data, which uses social networking sites and integrated artificial intelligence technology.

The project was awarded resident status at the Skolkovo Foundation in January, 2012.


Olga Avryasova.

PlayEnergy is a multi-player gaming platform that enables users to reduce electrical power consumption simply by playing. Researchers have shown that the average person spends 24 to 50 hours playing virtual games, and that only 5% of families think about energy efficiency in their homes. Survey results indicate that people will conserve energy if they know that it will save them money, or help society and the world in general. People are not sufficiently informed about energy conservation, or they are not convinced of its benefits.

This application will enable users to conserve energy by simply playing.

This project is undergoing preliminary evaluation for resident status at the Skolkovo Foundation.