30th of June - 5th of July
Intellectual quests in the world of technologies, acquaintance with Skolkovo project residents, deep dive in the world of design and creative spaces, foresight and strategic games.


About school

  • Participants

    100 of talented, motivated and ambitious students and postgraduates from Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tomsk) and CIS, and also newcoming businessmen, chosen by the competitive base.

  • Grounds

    Territory of Skolkovo Innovative Center and Skolkovo Technopark, the most creative spaces of Moscow.

  • Partners

    Skolkovo Technopark, Skolkovo front-office and corporations-partners, institutes of development. Each partner has its own day, which content is formed together with OpUS team.


The Beginning

30 of June. 15:00 – 21:00

Common sets

  • The speech of OpUS executive director Andrey Egorov
  • The speech of Skolkovo Fund vice president's counsellor Isaak Frumin

Looking for difference

Games, based on ontological plans of russian orientalist, specialized at languages and philosophic tradition of Ancient India, Andrey Paribok.

Dedication to OpUS

  1. OpUS rules adoption
  2. Challenge for the dedicated
  3. Official ceremony of adoption to OpUS

All those defined below will take part in the dedication on the Summer School:

  •  «Op:IT» program participants
  •  «Biomedtech» program participants


Evening of the 1st day will end with a party, that is going to be organized by the participants, graduates and OpUS team.

Looking for Difference

The program of evening events called «Looking for difference» will be dedicated to discussion, understanding and schematization of information and impressions, earned on another school events.

In the fiend of what senses, views of the future, scientific-technological and cultural trends do we live in? Which players act on this field, and what strategies do they follow? Do we want to become a subject of development? How can we change the space around us? 

We'll find answers to this and other questions during foresight games, strategic role-games and by discussing with each other.

We'll agree upon vcommon vision of the future, draw maps of world's technological trends and scripts, form the positions of our own.

Introduction to Technologies: Trends

1 of July. 10:00 – 21:00

The agenda is to choose scripts of the future

11.00 - 12.00 Introductory lecture called "Technological cluster"
12.15 - 13.15 Lecture on information technologies
13.15 - 14.15 Lecture on biomedical technologies
15.00 - 16.30 Lecture on nanotechnologies
16.30 - 18.00 Lecture on space technologies
18.15 - 20.00 «Looking for difference»: An unprecedented battle of scripts is going to happen this evening. Which script you will fight for? What future you will choose? Are you ready to become a game changer?

Daily partners:

  • Construction of the future
  • Rusnano

Film club

1/3 of July. 20:00 – 21:30

Evening films is a part of a glut intelligent program. School participants will vote, which of the legendary Fest films is to be the final accord of the day. 

Программу кинофестиваля 360° fest program is composed with modern scientific-documental movies, shot for the last 2 years in the the world and telling about scientific ideas and researches.

During the 360° film fest the speech of fest's program director Irina Belikh is planned.

Discussion will be organized after films.

360° film fest is a partner of OpUS Summer School-2013 fest. 

Introduction to Technologies: Projects

2 июля. 10:00 – 21:00

Task of the day: finding locuses of the future in the present

The participants and current employees of the Technopark will jointly develop the map to be used in the search. The participants will have access to the Technopark’s CKP: microanalysis, optical electronics and prototyping.

The winners of the technopark’s competition will be granted the ability to research their sample using a scanning electronic microscope and to print a unique token on a 3D printer.
Guests from the future: a presentation of 13 companies that participate in the Skolkovo project

Looking for difference: a team game based on strategic thinking.

Ideas worth spreading

2 of July. 20:00 – 21:00

Best TED и TEDxSkolkovo videos

Performances of the most bright speakers: innovators, businessmen, scientists to form live talks and unite groups of people around best ideas.

Speech of TEDx ambassador in Russia Andrey Egorov
[Video] Performances of TED conference speakers
[Video] Performances of TEDxSkolkovo event speakers


3 of July. 10:00 – 13:00

Teambuilding is a process which unites people in informal conditions for the following joint communication.

Forms of teambuilding for young scientists and businessmen:

  • Leadership- try yourself as a teamleader
  • New project- do it yourself
  • Joint action- try to create something new with new teammates(obligatory condition- impossibility to act alone)


  • Teambuilding business game "management from any point"(during the game participants must include external evaluation and reveal main problems of business communication and the construction of process)

Career trek

3 of July. 13:00 – 17:00


Forming up of the map of possible professional vectors for students with real participants of labor-market.


  • Game on revelation of the participant's competence.
  • Contouring- forming up of the professional pathway by the participants.
  • Participant's skills (assessment)
13.00 - 14.15 Seminar on career planning(based on the estimation of business game+inclusion of career's pathway external context) 
15.00 - 16.20 Game on skills set estimation of each other(participants compete, communicate and estimate each other in accordance with 360 principle)
16.20 - 17:00 Career day debriefing

OpUS club

3 of July. 18:15 – 20:00

A hero of our time

  • How does value system is set in young people's minds today?
  • Who are the authorities and heroes?
  • How do they choose a career?
  • What do they want to reach in their lives?
  • What is their space of life-sustaining activity: district, country, world...

Club proceedings are held in the format of discussions on the agenda problem with the participation of Club guests in a unique format: we don't have a speaker, diverting a lot of time, we need all points of view, that's why one speech is limitied to three minutes, but each of the participants may take the floor couple of times. Our absolute value is a common space of understanding and actions, as a result of understanding.

Club guides: Oleg Alekseev and Konstantin Fokin

Space and design

4 of July. 10:00 – 18:00

Task of the day: to create a concept of OpUS space in the future Skolkovo Cultural centre

Today the participants will find a treatment of massive knowledge about space and design.

Experience to create comfortable conditions to work/rest around yourself and your partners, knowledge how to materialize idea in a tool are the key leader skills who wants to change the rules of society. 

One part of the day program will be a visit to the offices of creative companies, which are to be a space example, providing essential solidity of communication for innovative activity. And assuming such conditions, that attract best specialists, for whom money is just one of the arguments in the process of job application.


5 of July. 10:30 – 13:00

Creation of conditions for project work mean some phisical space, promoting creative process.

Participants may take part in creation of creative spaces for work and art, presentations, exhibitions, jointly with Art director of IQ Marketing Timur Salihov, with the founder of studio "Other video" Egor Vasilkov, with the OpUS manager, Ksenia Balitskaya.

OpUS Fest

5 of July. 18:15 – 20:00

Mixture of formats. Fest on 7 grounds:

  • Market place - A ground with paper project's prototype of OpIT program (paper games, participants are going to try using applications)
  • Philosophic seminar
  • Master-class "game on cylinders"
  • Master-class on performance and contact improvisation
  • Master-class on creation of videos
  • Games in space- a place with party games
  • Free square for student's ideas realization