The Skolkovo Innovation Center, also known as the Russian Silicon Valley, is a key Russian development project: a 460 hectare technology business area planned at Skolkovo, near Moscow, Russia. The strategic goal of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre is to concentrate international intellectual capital, thereby stimulating the development of break-through projects and technologies. The landscape by AECOM is designed to at once reflect and encourage innovation, providing places to refresh and inspire the minds of the people living and working within Skolkovo.

AECOM’s landscape proposals are innovative in themselves and complement the intended programme of each adjacent development zone.  Key principles driving the overall landscape vision are:

• Amplification of existing topography – extending the x and y axes into accentuated landforms.

• Landscape as an expression of the character, use and principles of the development zones.

• Integration of site-wide water management in an extraordinary experiential landscape.

The site has been divided into eight landscape character areas which will provide external environments where it is possible for experimentation, testing, exhibition and innovations-related activities to extend. The eight proposed landscape character areas are:

  • The Ecological Ribbon.
  • The Valley of Experimentation.
  • The Great Steppe.
  • The great Plain.
  • Techno Valley
  • The Pleasure Grounds.
  • The Children’s Park.
  • The Plant Nursery

AECOM’s vision for Skolkovo’s landscape is for a dendritic morphology which binds all parts of the site via landform and the movement of water through the site. Enhanced landform also serves a functional purpose, managing water and mitigating views of infrastructure, absorbing excess materials generated from earthworks, and providing play features or habitat. AECOM’s landscape design offers a level of creativity and innovation in the design of the external environment commensurate with the aspirations for an Innovation Centre such as Skolkovo.

Concept Landscape Study, Skolkovo Innovation Centre, Skolkovo, Moscow, Russia.

Team:  AECOM Design + Planning, London and Moscow offices.

Client:  Skolkovo Foundation