On June 21-24, Skolkovo residents took part in a business mission to Arab Health 2021. The companies Geotar, VRSim, MEDVR, and The Psycho Hyperreality drew attention as they demonstrated their virtual reality solutions. Virtual reality technologies are part of an up-and-coming market that is spreading across multiple sectors, including construction, gaming, medicine, engineering, etc.

Image: Sk.ru.

Given that the expo focus was healthcare, the solutions from Russian companies also related to health and represented the newest developments for doctor training and accreditation as well as dentistry.

One VR simulation system, created by MEDVR, is designed to train medical personnel en masse (XR-Center) and offers a virtual clinic with an outpatient admission module (XR-Center).

Visitors took part in the simulator in multiplayer mode, and the system was linked to another simulator in St. Petersburg. Multiplayer shows how remote activities in XR-Clinic and XR-Center can manage patients, solve clinical issues, and exchange international experience.

The ability to exchange experience remotely using VR systems is changing how knowledge is exchanged. For example, it is a tool for medical personnel to work in a pandemic situation while reducing the spread of contagion.

The CEO of MEDVR, Evgeny Kostyushov, stated that “We have successfully demonstrated our simulators to distributors from different countries: Leader Healthcare (UAE), Alawour (Saudi Arabia), Al-Geel (Egypt), NascoHealthcare (USA), NEWSIMED (Israel), MedicalX (Netherlands), iD Sim (Algeria), and many others. We conducted demonstrations for the distributors mentioned above and their clients and for doctors and students from local universities, and we got positive feedback for the XR-Center product. However, there were situations where distributors from one region actively argued as to who would supply our product on their territory, so we have a large amount of work ahead in terms of choosing the best partner.”

Geotar demonstrated its Be.Dent.Pro dental simulator, which improves visual and ergonomic characteristics combined with a unique type of software that allows for real-time feedback on the course of a procedure. The company signed a collaboration agreement on June 23 with the Gulf Medical University. The university is a leader in medical education in the Middle East. The rector, professor Hossam Hamdy, is a world-renowned figure, an author of original teaching methods, and has received awards for his many contributions to developing medical education in the Persian Gulf. 

The signed agreement means a knowledge exchange, joint development work, approbation, and solutions validation for medical education and collaborative research in the field.

The CEO of Geotar, Zalim Zamirovich Balkizov, stated that the collaboration would allow them to conduct joint developments and testing for technologies.

Intellogic and Brain Bit also presented their solutions for medical decision support systems in the field of radiology and non-invasive diagnostics.

Vladimir Egorov, the director of operations at the biomedical technologies cluster, stated that “the Skolkovo Foundation business mission to Arab Health 2021 was successful thanks to the active preparation by the participants and their partners in the region. The signing of the collaboration agreement with the leading medical university of the UAE will allow us to strengthen our companies’ positions because it will open up opportunities to create a permanent demo center. Furthermore, a live demonstration of XR Clinic shows the real potential of its application in education.”