The Skolkovo Softlanding program is the place to go for foreign startups seeking entry into the Russian market. It offers numerous services such as training, in-depth understanding of the Russian market, project analysis, liaisons with investors and experienced experts, among many other things, all of which are crucial components in helping startups establish themselves. With the application deadline for the next Softlanding less than a month away, now is the time to find out more and decide whether or not you want to be a part of the next cohort.

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The March 2021 Softlanding program attracted a large number of new companies from across the world, the most notable among these hailing from Qatar, Italy, and Serbia, one of which was in the Financial Times list of top-1000 startups. Some of these companies are already applying for Skolkovo residency status, which, when completed, will grant them access to all the services that the Skolkovo Foundation has to offer in the form of R&D facilities, grants, opportunities for industrial partnerships, business missions, accelerators, pilot projects, and so on.

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The top cohort companies taking part in our Softlanding program were Sponix, Clean Air, and Natura Eco, all three of which were in the Financial Times top-1000 world startups and exhibited unusual and innovative technologies.

The technologies created by the Qatari company, Sponix, are programs called SPov Immersive Replay, SPBoard Virtual Advertisement, and SPano Panorama Cam. These technologies are based on AI, machine learning, computer vision, and cloud computing and are designed to make sports broadcasts more immersive by offering player point-of-view shots as well as other camera angles, and virtual advertising. This is a timely development for the upcoming World Cup in Qatar in 2022 but is, of course, applicable in other sports events. While SPov Immersive replay can show a football player’s point of view right before taking a crucial shot on goal, the SPBoard Virtual Advertisement can place ads that appear to be a part of, say, a tennis pitch, but are not there in reality.

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The Italian company, Clean Air, has developed a revolutionary ambient air pollution abatement (APA) technology that uses water and mechanical processes to purify the air we breathe. What sets it apart is its ability to remove 99% of particle matter up to ten times smaller than viruses and a broad range of chemical and gaseous pollutants that are present in the air.

The third company in the top cohort is the company Natura Eco, which is currently focusing on automating the construction industry. Their vision is to preserve nature by using eco-friendly materials, reducing CO2 emissions, and enabling a faster, cleaner, and safer construction environment.

These examples show some of the variety in the technology firms joining us, and your startup could be the next top-tier company in our Softlanding program. If you wish to be a part of the next cohort, the application deadline is May 21, so don't hesitate and apply online.