Day two of AIM Eurasia 2021 saw four Skolkovo startups presenting their smart cities solutions to a wide audience in the Middle East and other countries.

The Skolkovo companies presenting at the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) Eurasia workshop titled, “How to Develop Successful Smart City Model (The Case of Skolkovo Innovation City),” presented smart city solutions related to monitoring and controlling air quality, fire safety, smart glass/electrically heated glass/glass with laser engraving/LED glass, and waste management. Smart cities is a growing market and some estimates put the global market value in the hundreds of billions; it is expected to nearly double within the coming decade, presenting huge opportunities for companies developing technologies in the area.

Oleg Pertsovskiy, the director for operations at Skolkovo Innovation Center, moderated the session and gave a presentation on the Skolkovo ecosystem in terms of its role and what it offers residents, industrial partners, researchers, educators and students, not to mention the smart city technologies its resident companies can provide.

Oleg Pertsovskiy, the director for operations at Skolkovo Innovation Center (bottom left). Screengrab:

“In Russia, specifically in Skolkovo, we have a number of promising technologies that could be competitive from our point of view, not only on the Russian market but also in other countries,” said Mr. Pertsovskiy. “A number of companies are already selling their solutions abroad, but in the smart city sector we have some new opportunities to increase our presence in the Middle East. We are interested in finding partners.”

Mr. Pertsovskiy encouraged interested members of the audience to reach out to the presenting companies directly as well as to the Skolkovo Foundation should they be seeking other technologies. He also encouraged foreign developers of smart city technologies looking to enter the Russian market get in contact and join the Skolkovo Foundation soft-landing program.

About the smart city companies:

Photen Glass works focuses primarily in the development and creation of new projects in the field of translucent structures, offering products such as smart glass, electrically heated glass, glass with lazer engraving, and LED glass. See website:

CityAir creates networks and services for ambient air quality monitoring in cities. The company designs and builds monitoring networks from scratch and supplies existing ones in accordance with state standards. It also provides installation, calibration of equipment and technical support. See website:

Ecolight develops and produces fire safety devices that are designed to help prevent electrical fires. The company is also working on solutions related to quality control and plans to enter the European market. See website:

Bolshaya Troika (Big3) provides an integrated platform for the waste management sector. It is an effective tool for planning and managing waste both at the state level and commercial level. See website: