Igor Shuvalov, the chairman of the state development corporation VEB.RF, has been added to the board of directors of the Skolkovo Foundation and elected its chairman. The decision was made during a board meeting which took place on 29 December. The changes in Skolkovo Foundation management and the foundation’s transfer to VEB.RF management took place within the framework of development institute reform, which is in accordance with the instructions of the president of the Russian Federation and the chairman of the government of the Russian Federation.

“Our large team’s main priority is to consolidate investment opportunities to achieve national development goals,” said Igor Shuvalov. “The Skolkovo Foundation has accumulated experience and expertise in implementing innovative projects. Our joint work should translate into a new quality of life for urban people as a result of the development of new services, advanced technologies, and modern digital solutions.”

Igor Shuvalov, Chairman of Skolkovo Foundation board of directors. Photo: VEB.RF

Viktor Vekselberg, who headed the Skolkovo Foundation board of directors until now, called Igor Shuvalov’s election “a new stage in the project’s development that is designed to ensure the shaping of the country’s innovation agenda.”

“The integration of the main Russian institutes under the auspices of a group such as VEB is a serious step on the way to fulfilling government decisions,” he said, “which are focusing the country’s entire innovation infrastructure towards implementing national priorities effectively. I will remain a part of the Skolkovo Foundation board of directors and am sure that interesting and fruitful work awaits us.”