It has been ten years since the creation of the Skolkovo Foundation and it was with this in mind that President Vladimir Putin offered warm words to the organizers and participants in the annual Open Innovations Forum. This year’s event takes place online rather than offline, but that in many ways will facilitate more participation with digital technologies serving to expand the Forum’s audience.

President Vladimir Putin. Photo:

“Dear friends, I congratulate you on the tenth anniversary of the Skolkovo Foundation. In recent years you have done much for the advancement of high-tech business in our country. You have gained positive experience through the commercialization of scientific research results and, crucially, you’ve opened up broad possibilities for the intellectual, creative self-realization of those passionate, talented people, young entrepreneurs and researchers.”

Since its inception ten years ago, the Skolkovo Foundation is now home to over 2,500 companies working on innovative technologies that aim to fill gaps in both the Russian and foreign markets. Mr. Putin went on to highlight the importance of Open Innovations, especially in the current circumstances.

“It is gratifying that such a broad-scale project, in this time of need, is taking place. Today over two and a half thousand innovative companies are working on-site at Skolkovo, whose work is in demand on the internal market and abroad. The foundation is actively participating in solving problems related to the modernization of the national economy and social spheres through the implementation of digital technologies in everyday life.”

Open Innovations links up some of the world’s leading figures working in innovation with one another and with Skolkovo companies, giving the latter the opportunity to exhibit their developments. It serves as a platform for the exchange of ideas and President Putin expressed his confidence in the event’s success, wishing all participants luck.

“I am sure that the energy, initiative, and the desire to acquire additional knowledge and competence will henceforth facilitate your professional growth and success. I wish the Skolkovo leadership and residents luck and new accomplishments, and to guests of the Open Innovations Forum, I wish constructive and meaningful discussion. All the best.”