The Hungarian IT company “Moon42” recently passed the selection process of the Skolkovo Softlanding program and has been recommended for Skolkovo Innovation Center resident status. The Skolkovo soft-landing program is designed to support foreign companies entering the Russian market and gaining resident status is one of the opportunities that it has to offer.


MOON42 offers innovative IT solutions for which there is a gap in the Russian market and that is what led to the company being recommended for Skolkovo residency status. MOON42’s participation in the Skolkovo soft-landing program is largely the result of efforts between Skolkovo and the Hungarian Export Development Agency (HEPA), which has a Moscow office and helps Hungarian companies enter the Russian market. Skolkovo experts set a number of criteria and assess potential candidates; based on these, MOON42 was selected from a group of Hungarian companies.

The Skolkovo expert panel stated that, “According to the results from Skolkovo Innovation Center experts, the Hungarian company MOON42 got the highest possible score. That means that the candidate can apply for Skolkovo residency status. Right now, the company is offering an interesting product for the Russian market and is already actively preparing to become a resident at the innovation center.”

Resident status will bring MOON42 a number of key benefits that other foreign companies do not have when entering Russia’s market, including an office at the Skolkovo Innovation Center technopark, financial benefits in the forms of grants and microgrants, tax benefits, customs services, intellectual property services, access to R&D facilities, access to expertise, product advancement and so on.

MOON42 is developing different IT solutions for different sectors, which include online solutions for music and game stores, information and entertainment systems, and livestream platforms. Developing and implementing complex systems is what the company is all about, and the piece of software that jumped out the most for Skolkovo judges utilizes mathematical innovations to collectively support data-based decision making. MOON24 is developing this solution in cooperation with researchers from the University of Stockholm. Another solution that the company is offering is a high-precision agricultural solution that combines sensor data with graphical information as well as other databases, thus providing farmers with highly accurate forecasts.

Aside from the broad range of innovative solutions that MOON42 has to offer, the company’s designers are also creating unique and easy-to-use interfaces to maximize the user’s experience. This is because MOON42 experts believe that appearance and ease of use play as much of an important role as functionality.

After entering the Russian market, the search begins once again for new candidates for the Q4 2020 Skolkovo Softlanding program and both the Skolkovo Foundation and HEPA plan to sign a cooperation agreement to further strengthen ties.

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