The Frisbee platform is based on a corporate messenger and could be integrated with a customer's IT systems. The developers are focusing on supporting national security standards, including encryption, the ability to deploy infrastructure within a country, and the platform's ergonomic interface. This allows Frisbee to adapt easily to local legislation and to be used by government agencies.

“Frisbee replaces e-mail, WhatsApp and Telegram for corporate communications. Public messengers are hosted on servers outside of our country which is unacceptable in terms of personal data processing and national security. Frisbee is deployed in any data center of the customer's choice and allows you to configure information security policies in a flexible manner. The customer has full control over data access and storage,” notes Nikolay Ptitsyn, managing partner of Synesis.


What tasks does Frisbee solve?

It brings order to your corporate communications and separates business correspondence from personal messages in public messengers. Teams and departments create their own workspaces in Frisbee and an unlimited number of chat rooms to discuss different activities. New users see the entire message history in the chat and do not need to dive in and start from scratch. 


It encrypts data in accordance with national standards. Unlike its analogues, Frisbee supports various encryption algorithms to encrypt correspondence and voice-calls according to national security standards: Grasshopper (Russia), BelT (Belarus), SM4 (China) or AES (USA).

It provides ultimate control over the data. Organizations are responsible for granting access to new participants and deactivating the accounts of former employees, meaning there are no outsiders in Frisbee. Messages are not lost if you lose your phone or account. Frisbee can be deployed on your own servers or in private/public clouds. This prevents information leaks through the platform and provides investigation tools. Domestic on-premise deployment allows government agencies to use the messenger safely. 

It provides instant data search. Frisbee searches for messages, documents and images one by one or across all chats instantaneously, no matter how deep the archive is. This is achieved through the use of a distributed database: a search query is processed by many computing nodes at once.


It guarantees trusted voice calls and group conferences. High quality sound and minimal delay is ensured due to localization of traffic within the country. Both personal and group calls are available and can be joined by each channel participant at any moment of the conversation.


It is scalable to an unlimited number of users and can process more than 1,000 messages per second. This means that large corporations, government agencies and operators can connect more than 10,000 users to Frisbee and use the platform to communicate with all their employees - from assistants to top managers.

It automates routine activities - travel arrangements, incident management, reporting and other processes - through chat bots and integration with existing systems. Asking a bot via messenger is easier than dealing with specialized applications.

The head of the department of robotics and artificial technologies, Pavel Krivozubov, of the information technologies cluster of the Skolkovo Foundation stated: "The pandemic has changed the mindset of large organizations on business process design. Remote employees are now an objective necessity. The way people work has changed, but the security requirements have not. They are lagging behind, and solutions like Frisbee not only help a large number of people and departments to work together quickly, but they also help them to meet the latest data security requirements.” 


How to try it out

The beta version of Frisbee is already available for all popular platforms - Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and iPhone. You can also use the platform directly from your browser without installing new applications. The release of a stable version with extended functionality is planned for the third quarter of 2020. 



About Company

Synesis develops platforms for security monitoring, event management, instant messengers and online games. Cloud computing, artificial intelligence and Big Data are the core competencies of Synesis.

Founded in 2007, the company has been involved in the development of such worldwide known services as Viber messenger, Slotomania social casino and the Alfresco content management system. 

The group of companies includes two Skolkovo Foundation residents (Russia), four residents of the Hi-Tech Park (Belarus) and a representative office in Silicon Valley (USA).