A pavilion dedicated to the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) will feature at Startup Village, organizers said on Monday.

The ROC signed a memorandum of understanding with the Skolkovo Foundation in February to build an Olympic Technopark at the Skolkovo Innovation Center that will host research and development related to top-level sports.

Photo: ROC

The ROC pavilion at Startup Village, which runs next Tuesday and Wednesday at the innovation center, is to exhibit cutting-edge technology used by the Russian team in the run-up to the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. There will also be an information stand dedicated to the future Olympic Technopark, explaining its purpose and showing the blueprints.

The pavilion will also feature presentations on all the relevant technologies of the sports performance industry and showcase several startups that already have products and services on the market.

Parked outside will be a so-called mobile laboratory that is used by Russian Olympic athletes all around Russia and Europe.

The ROC helps athletes in all manner of sports including endurance motor racing. Russia’s leading KAMAZ team will be present at the ROC pavilion in a symbol of that cooperation, featuring their latest truck and represented by KAMAZ Master team leader Vladimir Chagin.

The ROC is to build a 50,000 sq. m. research and development center at the Skolkovo Innovation Center by 2018 under the agreement.

The center has several goals: to develop sports and biomedicine technologies and innovative sporting equipment, to stimulate import-substitution and transfer of foreign technologies, to commercialize sports-related innovations developed by Skolkovo startups, and also to provide recovery and rehabilitation facilities, among other things.

It will provide 600 jobs and house a range of specialized training facilities including an oxygen-deprivation unit that simulates high-altitude exercise, which athletes undergo to increase the efficiency of the blood’s oxygen-delivery processes.